VGA (Video Graphics Array) (HD-15)

With VGA (from the English for Video Graphics Array) is a standardized connection for the analog image transmission is called. It was introduced by IBM in 1987 and is already evident in the blue color of the plug and socket recognizable. For notebooks, there is also a smaller variant called mini- VGA, the only mechanically, but not electrically from the traditional VGA connector differs. You will find a variety of products that use this standard. The selection ranges from refurbished monitors and used laptops to certified and refurbished workstations.

What qualities characterize the VGA standard?

a connecting cable having at both ends as a rule, a plug which can be identified by their blue color as VGA connector. The connection on the graphics card is therefore always a female, as with the monitor. However, it is also possible that the connector on the monitor implemented as a plug or cord has already been assembled by the manufacturer, so it is not can be removed without further notice. When using the VGA connector for a CRT monitor, they should pay particular attention to the quality of the cable with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. If this example is not sufficiently shielded, it may cause interference or blurring in the image. For the current flat panel displays, the conversion of the analog signal into a digital signal, the larger issue; as should be used here as far as possible, a digital transmission method, such as DVI or others. The maximum resolution is highly dependent on the used devices. However, it is also possible to achieve a full HD quality (1920 x 1080 pixels). In order to ensure operation without restrictions on quality, but resolutions above 1280 x 720 pixels should be avoided. All VGA devices are also compatible with DVI (more precisely, DVI-I and DVI -A), as analog signals can also be transmitted here. So if you do not have a monitor that can only be operated via VGA, you can do this without any problems using a small adapter.


the two major manufacturers of processors AMD and Intel announced 2010 that they no longer want to support through their products from 2015 VGA, since the concentration on the newer digital connections HDMI and DisplayPort is. However, the connection can still find many TVs or other consumer electronics. So you can also use our refurbished computers and monitors without hesitation. Many of the monitors also provide additional ports, so you can use the interface exactly you need.