Used fully tested and working, used marks possible

The items offered here under were already in use and have visual signs of use. Often these are lease returns or products from excess inventories, but are located only in a perfect technical condition. The included accessories may in part be missing, unless it is absolutely necessary for the operation of the device, such as Driver CDs or manuals. Operating system are often not pre-installed, as all media have been completely erased. The selection ranges from used computers on Refurbished hard drives, up to modern wireless routers for home networking.

How to comment optical traces of use

All articles go through an extensive cleaning process with us in which they are worked up by our trained staff. Therefore, yet small scuff marks remain, and it may be scratches, abrasions, small dents or the like. However, the displays have neither stains nor mechanical damage or disturbing scratches, so you get a total of a device, apart from the slight use of residues that makes a new impression and in terms of the function is also equally reliable. In addition, there are a variety of devices that act more in the background and the visual impression is of secondary importance. A Gigabit Switch is responsible for the connectivity in the network and a small scratch on the housing can remain safely neglected to mention just such a case.

What are the benefits these products?

here to get the cheap way to buy a used PC or your existing system, eg to expand with current DDR3 SDRAM. Any missing driver CDs mean there are no disadvantages, because the drivers are easy to download from the manufacturer via their website and are usually available on the included driver CD also in a more recent version. Also used graphics cards are often still supports an extended period by the manufacturer and receive updates. The low price is by no means that they have to compromise in performance. You get a product that offers exactly what it promises. Not least, of course you do something good for the environment because as the increasing scrapping is counteracted by actually functioning hardware. On all used items, you also get 12 months warranty, so you are protected.