Virtually every server, notebook and PC has a variety of USB ports. The Universal Serial Bus has thus established itself as an interface to quickly and easily put various accessories into operation. USB 3.0 is also known as SuperSpeed ??because the data rate has risen to 5 Gbit / s.

Especially in the field of external hard drives and storage media USB 3.0 brings a significant speed advantage compared to the previous version. So if you often need to transfer a large amount of data via USB, you should pay attention to existing USB 3.0 ports when buying a used notebook or PC.

Which and how many connections a computer system has is always listed as detailed as possible in the respective product description. So you can quickly see if USB 3.0 is supported by the terminal and you can continue to use your possibly existing accessories as usual.

In addition to complete systems, you will of course also find peripherals that are connected to the system via USB 3.0. These primarily include external hard disks and other data carriers, as well as adapters for various other interfaces.
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