USB 2.0

The Universal Serial Bus (short USB) should already be known to every user. The serial bus supports the connection of numerous devices, such as storage media, headsets, printers and others on the PC and notebook. USB 2.0 is accordingly the second version, which was already specified in the year 2000.

USB 2.0 was particularly important in terms of external storage media as the data rate increased to 480 Mbps. Despite the widespread use of USB 3.0, there are still many devices with USB 2.0 ports. In particular, for input devices, printers and the like, this is also completely sufficient and offers no disadvantages.

Of course you will also find a large selection of desktop PCs, notebooks and peripherals with USB 2.0 ports in our range. We always list the existing number of different connections as precisely as possible in the product description, so that you can directly check whether your existing peripherals can simply be used further.