A tower called the most famous format of a computer system. This is set up vertically and, depending on size, different possibilities for expansion. Modern housing also come along depending on the manufacturer in different designs, so you have a choice in terms of looks and can freely choose according to your needs. With us, you get different tower systems, such as used workstations, workstations and, of course refurbished server.

What advantages does a tower?

Tower offers especially for those benefits which in retrospect would like to upgrade a full system, due to the capacities are given. A distinction is made still between a mid tower and a Big Tower. The latter are now in the private sphere but has become rather rare, as they are very large are and are therefore used more in the server area. A midi tower, however, is also currently still very popular. He sums it an ATX motherboard and multiple hard drives, and optical media drives. Due to the size of the motherboard also more expansion cards are possible. Thus one or more PCI Express graphics card for demanding applications and also PCISchnittstellenkarten for example, more USB ports are not a problem. It is also important that a simpler cooling is possible by the size, for case fans can be easily mounted in addition and quiet CPU fan will also find place. Since the front usually has more than one 5.25-inch drive bay, the remaining can be used for additional front ports. These are provided by modules that can be used easily and then in addition to USB ports and audio ports such as offer a card reader or even a manual control for the existing case fan.

Why use used tower systems

Whether server or workstation, with a tower system, you keep open all the doors for possible upgrades. If, for example, be the space small, it is no problem to retrofit additional disks. Also an extension of one of our used Raid controller would be no problem to ensure a smooth and fail-safe operation. With us, you also get not only simple hand goods, but comprehensively tested components that you can still use a long time without any restrictions. If you have any questions about matching components or accessories, we are of course always available.

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