Used Toshiba Port Replicator PA3508E-1PRP Tecra A9 S5 M9 M7 Portege M400

Item number: AR1480 | EAN: 4026203578029 | MPN: PA3508E-1PRP

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Used Toshiba Port Replicator PA3508E-1PRP Tecra A9 S5 M9 M7 Portege M400

The Toshiba Express Port Relicator II is the perfect docking solution for Tecra series, to allow quick access to all the peripheral devices on the desktop. Easily connect and disconnect the laptop from the docking station. Supports VGA + DVI-D (* DVI support the notebook needed) a total of 4 x USB 2.0 ports serial (* USB-to-Serial Port) and Parallel (* USB-to-parallel port, suitable for addressing printers) 1 Gbit / s LAN

Condition: Used fully tested and working, used marks possible

Not available now!
The Toshiba Express Port Relicator II is the perfect docking solution for Tecra series, to allow quick access to all the peripheral devices on the desktop. Easily connect and disconnect the laptop from the docking station. Supports VGA + DVI-D (* DVI support the notebook needed) a total of 4 x USB 2.0 ports serial (* USB-to-Serial Port) and Parallel (* USB-to-parallel port, suitable for addressing printers) 1 Gbit / s LAN
Device Typeport replicator
Dimensions (W x D x H)28 cm x 14.5 cm x 45,6cm
weight0.85 kg
Expansion / Connectivity
interfaces1 x docking / port replicator - 64-pin connector
1 x network - Ethernet 10Base-T / 100Base-TX - RJ-45
1 x display / video - VGA - HD D-Sub (HD-15), 15-pin
1 x display / video - DVI-Digital - Digital DVI 24 pin
4 x Hi-Speed ??USB - USB Type A 4-pin
Compatible withPortégé M700, Portégé M700-009, M700-106 Portégé, Portégé M700-108, Portégé M700-10B, Portégé M700-10N, Portégé M700-10O, Portégé M700-10S, Portégé M700-10X, Portégé M700-110 , Portégé M700-116, Portégé M700-11L, Portégé M700-11N, Portégé M700-11P, Portégé M700-121, M700-123 Portégé, Portégé M700-12H, Portégé M700-12I, Portégé M700-12J, Portégé M700-12V , Portégé M700-132, M700-133 Portégé, Portégé M700-139, Portégé M700-13A, Portégé M700-13P, Portégé M700-3G11F, Portégé M700-3G13B, Portégé M700-S7001X, Portégé M700-S7002, Portégé M700-S7003V , Portégé M700-S7004V, Portégé M700-S7005V, Portégé M700-S7005X, Portégé M700-S7008X, Portégé M700-S7043V, Portégé M700-S7043X, Portégé M700-S7044V, Portégé M700-S7044X, Portégé M700-SP1801, SP1802 Portégé M700 , Portégé M750, Portégé M750 3G 129, Portégé M750-02X, Portégé M750-0G9, Portégé M750-0JQ, Portégé M750-0PR, Portégé M750-0PT, Portégé M750-0S7, Portégé M750-102, M750-103 Portégé, Portégé M750-104, M750-105 Portégé, Portégé M750-109, Portégé M750-10F, Portégé M750-10J, Portégé M750-10K, Portégé M750-10L, Portégé M750-10S, Portégé M750-10Z, Portégé M750-112, Portégé M750-113, M750-114 Portégé, Portégé M750-116, M750-119 Portégé, Portégé M750-11N, Portégé M750-11R, Portégé M750-11T, Portégé M750-11W, Portégé M750-120, M750-129 Portégé, Portégé M750-12F, Portégé M750-12G, Portégé M750-12K, Portégé M750-12M, Portégé M750-135, M750-136 Portégé, Portégé M750-13C, Portégé M750-13Q, Portégé M750-14N, Portégé M750-14W, Portégé M750-159, Portégé M750-AM1, Portégé M750-S7201, Portégé M750-S7202, Portégé M750-S7211, Portégé M750-S7212, Portégé M750-S7213, Portégé M750-S7221, Portégé M750-S7222, Portégé M750-S7223, Portégé M750-S7241, Portégé M750-S7242, Portégé M750-SP1801A, Portégé M750-SP1801R, Portégé M750-SP1904R, Portégé M750-ST7258, Portégé M780-102, M780-106 Portégé, Portégé M780-10H, Portégé M780-10V, Portégé M780-10X, Portégé M780-112, Tecra A10, Tecra A10-00R, Tecra A10-00S, Tecra A10-02J, Tecra A10-03P, Tecra A10-03Y, Tecra A10-040, A10-042 Tecra, Tecra A10 -04F, Tecra A10-052, A10-053 Tecra, Tecra A10-054, A10-055 Tecra, Tecra A10-056, A10-104 Tecra, Tecra A10-105, Tecra A10-10B, Tecra A10-10K, Tecra A10 -10L, Tecra A10-10M, Tecra A10-10P, Tecra A10-112, Tecra A10-11I, Tecra A10-11M, Tecra A10-11T, Tecra A10-124, A10-128 Tecra, Tecra A10-12A, Tecra A10 12h, Tecra A10-12L, Tecra A10-12O, Tecra A10-12Y, Tecra A10-12Z, Tecra A10-130, A10-131 Tecra, Tecra A10-136, A10-137 Tecra, Tecra A10-139, Tecra A10 -13a, Tecra A10-13B, Tecra A10-13F, Tecra A10-13G, Tecra A10-13I, Tecra A10-13J, Tecra A10-13K, Tecra A10-13Q, Tecra A10-140, A10-144 Tecra, Tecra A10 -146, Tecra A10-147, Tecra A10-14H, Tecra A10-14M, Tecra A10-14N, Tecra A10-14P, Tecra A10-14Q, Tecra A10-14T, Tecra A10-14U, Tecra A10-14Y, Tecra A10 -154, Tecra A10-156, Tecra A10-15B, Tecra A10-15Q, Tecra A10-15T, Tecra A10-168, A10-169 Tecra, Tecra A10-16D, Tecra A10-16E, Tecra A10-16F, Tecra A10 -16K, Tecra A10-16T, Tecra A10-16X, Tecra A10-177, Tecra A10-17R, Tecra A10-18M, Tecra A10-18P, Tecra A10-18Z, Tecra A10-190, Tecra A10-19J, Tecra A10 -19M, Tecra A10-19P, Tecra A10-19Q, Tecra A10-19T, Tecra A10-19U, Tecra A10-19Z, Tecra A10-1C0, Tecra A10-1C1, Tecra A10-1C4, Tecra A10-1C5, Tecra A10 -1CC, Tecra A10-1D2, Tecra A10-1DC, Tecra A10-1DH, Tecra A10-1E1, Tecra A10-1E6, Tecra A10-1EC, Tecra A10-1GV, Tecra A10-1GW, Tecra A10-1GX, Tecra A10 -1GZ, Tecra A10-1H1, Tecra A10-1H2, Tecra A10-1H3, Tecra A10-1H5, Tecra A10-1HG, Tecra A10-1HH, Tecra A10-1HJ, Tecra A10-1HK, Tecra A10-1HL, Tecra A10 -1HM, Tecra A10-1HN, Tecra A10-1HP, Tecra A10-1HQ, Tecra A10-1HT, Tecra A10-1HU, Tecra A10-1K8, Tecra A10-1KD, Tecra A10-1KE, Tecra A10-1KU, Tecra A10 -1KV, Tecra A10-1KX, Tecra A10-1LL, Tecra A10-1LP, Tecra A10-1LT, Tecra A10-BN2, Tecra A10-S3501, Tecra A10-S3511, Tecra A10-S3551, Tecra A10-S3552, Tecra A10 -S3553, Tecra A10-SP5801, Tecra A10-SP5802, Tecra A10-SP5903C, Tecra A10-SP5903R, Tecra A10-SP5908R, Tecra A10-SP5920, Tecra A10-SP5920R, Tecra A11, Tecra A11 3G 13C, Tecra A11 001, Tecra A11-00N, Tecra A11-00P, Tecra A11-00Q, Tecra A11-07H, Tecra A11-07J, Tecra A11-10D, Tecra A11-10E, Tecra A11-110, A11-113 Tecra, Tecra A11 114, Tecra A11-11E, Tecra A11-11G, Tecra A11-11H, Tecra A11-11J, Tecra A11-11L, Tecra A11-11N, Tecra A11-11Q, Tecra A11-11Z, Tecra A11-123, Tecra A11 125, Tecra A11-126, A11-127 Tecra, Tecra A11-128, Tecra A11-12C, Tecra A11-12D, Tecra A11-12F, Tecra A11-12H, Tecra A11-12P, Tecra A11-12Q, Tecra A11 12W, Tecra A11-131, A11-137 Tecra, Tecra A11-13H, Tecra A11-13Q, Tecra A11-14J, Tecra A11-14K, Tecra A11-14L, Tecra A11-14V, Tecra A11-14X, Tecra A11 14Z, Tecra A11-152, A11-153 Tecra, Tecra A11-15P, Tecra A11-15Q, Tecra A11-15X, Tecra A11-16M, Tecra A11-16N, Tecra A11-16R, Tecra A11-16V, Tecra A11 16W, Tecra A11-16X, Tecra A11-16Z, Tecra A11-179, Tecra A11-17G, Tecra A11-17H, Tecra A11-17J, Tecra A11-17M, Tecra A11-17N, Tecra A11-183, Tecra A11 187, Tecra A11-188, Tecra A11-18C, Tecra A11-18J, Tecra A11-18M, Tecra A11-18N, Tecra A11-196, A11-197 Tecra, Tecra A11-19C, Tecra A11-19E, Tecra A11 19K, Tecra A11-19L, Tecra A11-19M, Tecra A11-19N, Tecra A11-19P, Tecra A11-19V, Tecra A11-1C1, Tecra A11-1CV, Tecra A11-1D1, Tecra A11-1D2, Tecra A11 1D4, Tecra A11-1D7, Tecra A11-1D9, Tecra A11-1E5, Tecra A11-1E6, Tecra A11-1E7, Tecra A11-1EE, Tecra A11-1EG, Tecra A11-1EH, Tecra A11-1EJ, Tecra A11 1ET, Tecra A11-1EU, Tecra A11-1EV, Tecra A11-1EW, Tecra A11-1FX, Tecra A11-1HX, Tecra A11-S3510, Tecra A11-S3511, Tecra A11-S3512, Tecra A11-S3520, Tecra A11 S3521, Tecra A11-S3522, Tecra A11-S3530, Tecra A11-S3531, Tecra A11-S3532, Tecra A11-S3540, Tecra A11-S3541, Tecra A11-SP5001L, Tecra A11-SP5001M, Tecra A11-SP5003L, Tecra A11 SP5010L, Tecra A11-SP5011L, Tecra A11-ST3501, ST3502 Tecra A11, Tecra A11-ST3503, ST3504 Tecra A11, Tecra A11-W3530, Tecra A11-W3541, Tecra A9, Tecra A9-102, Tecra A9-10M, Tecra A9-10N, Tecra A9-10Q, Tecra A9-11I, Tecra A9-11K, Tecra A9-11M, Tecra A9-127, A9-128 Tecra, Tecra A9-129, Tecra A9-12C, Tecra A9-12F, Tecra A9-12G, Tecra A9-12H, Tecra A9-12P, Tecra A9-12Q, Tecra A9-12R, Tecra A9-12S, Tecra A9-12T, Tecra A9-12U, Tecra A9-12W, Tecra A9-12X, Tecra A9-132, A9-133 Tecra, Tecra A9-134, Tecra A9-13J, Tecra A9-13K, Tecra A9-13P, Tecra A9-142, A9-145 Tecra, Tecra A9-146, A9-147 Tecra, Tecra A9-14A, Tecra A9-14B, Tecra A9-14F, Tecra A9-14G, Tecra A9-14V, Tecra A9-14X, Tecra A9-150, A9-151 Tecra, Tecra A9-153, Tecra A9-15D, Tecra A9-15F, Tecra A9-15S, Tecra A9-15U, Tecra A9-165, A9-167 Tecra, Tecra A9-169, Tecra A9-16A, Tecra A9-16D, Tecra A9-16H, Tecra A9-16I, Tecra A9-16N, Tecra A9-16T, Tecra A9-50E, Tecra A9-50N, Tecra A9-50Q, Tecra A9-50X, Tecra A9-517, Tecra A9-51B, Tecra A9-51C, Tecra A9-51E, Tecra A9-51F, Tecra A9-51G, Tecra A9-51H, Tecra A9-51I, Tecra A9-51J, Tecra A9-51O, Tecra A9-51S, Tecra A9-51U, Tecra A9-51V, Tecra A9-527, Tecra A9-MH3, Tecra A9-MH7, Tecra A9-MJ1, Tecra A9-MJ2, Tecra A9-MJ5, Tecra A9-MJ7, Tecra A9-MJX, Tecra A9-MJZ, Tecra A9-S9012X, Tecra A9-S9013X, Tecra A9-S9015X, Tecra A9-S9016X, Tecra A9-S9017, Tecra A9-S9018V, Tecra A9-S9018X, Tecra A9-S9019V, Tecra A9-S9019X, Tecra A9-S9020V, Tecra A9-S9020X, Tecra A9-S9021V, Tecra A9-SP4018, Tecra A9-SP6803, Tecra A9-SP6804, Tecra A9-ST9001, Tecra M10, Tecra M10-00N, Tecra M10-00P, Tecra M10-047, Tecra M10-04D, Tecra M10-04F, Tecra M10 -04J, Tecra M10-05C, Tecra M10-05D, Tecra M10-05E, Tecra M10-05F, Tecra M10-07U, Tecra M10-0EL, Tecra M10-0EQ, Tecra M10-0ER, Tecra M10-0L3, Tecra M10 -0L4, Tecra M10-0L5, Tecra M10-102, M10-105 Tecra, Tecra M10-10D, Tecra M10-10E, Tecra M10-10H, Tecra M10-10I, Tecra M10-10L, Tecra M10-10O, Tecra M10 -10Q, Tecra M10-10R, Tecra M10-10S, Tecra M10-10T, Tecra M10-10U, Tecra M10-10V, Tecra M10-10W, Tecra M10-10Z, Tecra M10-11B, Tecra M10-11F, Tecra M10 -11U, Tecra M10-11V, Tecra M10-11X, Tecra M10-12E, Tecra M10-12M, Tecra M10-12O, Tecra M10-130, M10-139 Tecra, Tecra M10-13K, Tecra M10-13L, Tecra M10 -13S, Tecra M10-13U, Tecra M10-13V, Tecra M10-13Y, Tecra M10-13Z, Tecra M10-143, Tecra M10-14S, Tecra M10-14Z, Tecra M10-153, M10-154 Tecra, Tecra M10 -155, Tecra M10-156, Tecra M10-15A, Tecra M10-15B, Tecra M10-15H, Tecra M10-15J, Tecra M10-15P, Tecra M10-169, Tecra M10-16A, Tecra M10-16V, Tecra M10 -17H, Tecra M10-17J, Tecra M10-17U, Tecra M10-180, M10-181 Tecra, Tecra M10-18M, Tecra M10-191, M10-194 Tecra, Tecra M10-196, Tecra M10-19V, Tecra M10 -1C5, Tecra M10-1C7, Tecra M10-1CD, Tecra M10-1CE, Tecra M10-1CF, Tecra M10-1CH, Tecra M10-1CN, Tecra M10-1CP, Tecra M10-1CR, Tecra M10-1D7, Tecra M10 -1D8, Tecra M10-1DC, Tecra M10-1DG, Tecra M10-1DN, Tecra M10-1EL, Tecra M10-1EM, Tecra M10-1EN, Tecra M10-1EP, Tecra M10-1H3, Tecra M10-1H4, Tecra M10 -1H5, Tecra M10-1H6, Tecra M10-1HE, Tecra M10-1JG, Tecra M10-1JK, Tecra M10-1JP, Tecra M10-1JX, Tecra M10-1JZ, Tecra M10-1K1, Tecra M10-1KD, Tecra M10 -1KE, Tecra M10-1KH, Tecra M10-1KR, Tecra M10-1KU, Tecra M10-1KW, Tecra M10-1KZ, Tecra M10-1L8, Tecra M10-1L9, 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M11-14C, Tecra M11-14D, Tecra M11-14H, Tecra M11-14J, Tecra M11-14L, Tecra M11-15M, Tecra M11-15U, Tecra M11-15W, Tecra M11-15X , Tecra M11-15Z, Tecra M11-162, Tecra M11-16C, Tecra M11-16R, Tecra M11-174, M11-177 Tecra, Tecra M11-17M, Tecra M11-17T, Tecra M11-17U, Tecra M11-17V , Tecra M11-17W, Tecra M11-17Z, Tecra M11-180, Tecra M11-S3410, Tecra M11-S3411, Tecra M11-S3412, Tecra M11-S3420, Tecra M11-S3421, Tecra M11-S3422, Tecra M11-S3430 , Tecra M11-S3440, Tecra M11-S3450, Tecra M11-SP4002L, Tecra M11-ST3501, ST3502 Tecra M11, Tecra M11-ST3503, ST3504 Tecra M11, Tecra M11-W3422, Tecra M9, ??Tecra M9-01E, Tecra M9-028, Tecra M9-029, Tecra M9-02C, Tecra M9-02D, Tecra M9-02E, Tecra M9-02G, Tecra M9-101, Tecra M9-104, Tecra M9-10D, Tecra M9-10K, Tecra M9-11G, Tecra M9-12C, Tecra M9-12D, Tecra M9-12K, Tecra M9-12L, Tecra M9-12M, Tecra M9-12N, Tecra M9-12O, Tecra M9-12P, Tecra M9-12Q, Tecra M9-12R, Tecra M9-12S, Tecra M9-12T, Tecra M9-12U, Tecra M9-12X, Tecra M9-135, Tecra M9-136, Tecra M9-137, Tecra M9-139, Tecra M9-13A, Tecra M9-13H, Tecra M9-13Q, Tecra M9-14B, Tecra M9-14C, Tecra M9-14F, Tecra M9-14Y, Tecra M9-156, Tecra M9-15H, Tecra M9-15I, Tecra M9-15M, Tecra M9-15Q, Tecra M9-15S, Tecra M9-15T, Tecra M9-15V, Tecra M9-15W, Tecra M9-15X, Tecra M9-15Y, Tecra M9-169, Tecra M9-16F, Tecra M9-16H, Tecra M9-16N, Tecra M9-17M, Tecra M9-17O, Tecra M9-17T, Tecra M9-185, Tecra M9-18N, Tecra M9-19E, Tecra M9-19R, Tecra M9-19T, Tecra M9-1AR, Tecra M9-1B9, Tecra M9-1BS, Tecra M9-1BU, Tecra M9-1BV, Tecra M9-3G15K, Tecra M9L, Tecra M9L-101, Tecra M9L-12C, Tecra M9L-12K, Tecra M9L-12T, Tecra M9L- 147, Tecra M9L-149, Tecra M9L-15H, Tecra M9L-15R, Tecra M9L-196, Tecra M9L-1B7, 1B8-Tecra M9L, Tecra M9-S5512X, Tecra M9-S5514, Tecra M9-S5514X, Tecra M9 S5515, Tecra M9-S5515X, Tecra M9-S5516V, Tecra M9-S5516X, Tecra M9-S5517V, Tecra M9-S5517X, Tecra M9-S5518V, Tecra M9-S5518X, Tecra M9-ST5511, Tecra M9 ST5511X, Tecra M9 TG0, Tecra M9-TG1, Tecra M9-TG3, Tecra M9-TG4, Tecra M9-TG5, Tecra M9-TG6, Tecra M9-TG7, Tecra R10 Tecra R10-00D, Tecra R10-021, R10-024 Tecra, Tecra R10-10A, Tecra R10-10B, Tecra R10-10H, Tecra R10-10I, Tecra R10-10J, Tecra R10-10K, Tecra R10-10O, Tecra R10-10S, Tecra R10-10V, Tecra R10-10W, Tecra R10-10X, Tecra R10-10Z, Tecra R10-111, R10-112 Tecra, Tecra R10-114, R10-115 Tecra, Tecra R10-11B, Tecra R10-11H, Tecra R10-11J, Tecra R10-11L, Tecra R10-11T, Tecra R10-11Y, Tecra R10-120, R10-121 Tecra, Tecra R10-138, Tecra R10-13C, Tecra R10-13E, Tecra R10-142, R10-143 Tecra, Tecra R10-144, Tecra R10-14D, Tecra R10-14H, Tecra R10-ES1, Tecra R10-S4401, Tecra R10-S4411, Tecra R10-S4421, Tecra R10-S4422, Tecra S10, Tecra S10-08G, Tecra S10-0HQ, Tecra S10 -0JX, Tecra S10-0K0, Tecra S10-0K1, Tecra S10-0K7, Tecra S10-0K8, Tecra S10-0SM, Tecra S10-0SN, Tecra S10-0SQ, Tecra S10-0SS, Tecra S10-0V5, Tecra S10 -0V6, Tecra S10-100, S10-101 Tecra, Tecra S10-102, S10-103 Tecra, Tecra S10-104, S10-106 Tecra, Tecra S10-108, S10-109 Tecra, Tecra S10-10A, Tecra S10 -10C, Tecra S10-10E, Tecra S10-10W, Tecra S10-10X, Tecra S10-114, S10-115 Tecra, Tecra S10-116, S10-117 Tecra, Tecra S10-11A, Tecra S10-11D, Tecra S10 -11F, Tecra S10-11G, Tecra S10-11H, Tecra S10-11I, Tecra S10-11J, Tecra S10-11R, Tecra S10-11T, Tecra S10-11W, Tecra S10-11X, Tecra S10-11Y, Tecra S10 -123, Tecra S10-128, S10-129 Tecra, Tecra S10-12B, Tecra S10-12C, Tecra S10-12E, Tecra S10-12H, Tecra S10-12U, Tecra S10-12V, Tecra S10-12Z, Tecra S10 -130, Tecra S10-13N, Tecra S10-142, S10-143 Tecra, Tecra S10-14F, Tecra S10-14P, Tecra S10-14V, Tecra S10-14X, Tecra S10-156, Tecra S10-15Z, Tecra S10 -160, Tecra S10-165, S10-167 Tecra, Tecra S10-169, Tecra S10-16V, Tecra S10-170, S10-176 Tecra, Tecra S10-17J, Tecra S10-181, Tecra S10-MN2, Tecra S10 -MN4, Tecra S10-MN5, Tecra S10-MN7, Tecra S11-00Y, Tecra S11-010, S11-011 Tecra, Tecra S11-013, S11-014 Tecra, Tecra S11-05T, Tecra S11-0CN, Tecra S11 -0CP, Tecra S11-0CQ, Tecra S11-0CR, Tecra S11-0CS, Tecra S11-113, S11-114 Tecra, Tecra S11-119, Tecra S11-11D, Tecra S11-11F, Tecra S11-11G, Tecra S11 -11H, Tecra S11-11P, Tecra S11-11U, Tecra S11-124, S11-125 Tecra, Tecra S11-126, S11-128 Tecra, Tecra S11-12N, Tecra S11-12R, Tecra S11-12U, Tecra S11 -12W, Tecra S11-13G, Tecra S11-13M, Tecra S11-13Q, Tecra S11-13X, Tecra S11-14M, Tecra S11-14N, Tecra S11-14P, Tecra S11-14R, Tecra S11-14T, Tecra S11 -14U, Tecra S11-154, Tecra S11-15G, Tecra S11-15L, Tecra S11-15M, Tecra S11-15N, Tecra S11-166, S11-167 Tecra, Tecra S11-168, Tecra S11-16G
delivery1x Toshiba Dock, power adapter and other not included

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