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The computer game manufacturer THQ Nordic AB was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Karlstad, Sweden. Initially the company was only called Nordic Games, but it took over the naming rights of the former publisher THQ. The company attracts the most attention by purchasing old brands, under which it then publishes new editions of the games. Among the most recent acquisitions were Koch Media, which produced the titles Risen, Metro, Homefront and Sacred, among others. However, the manufacturer also develops computer games under its own new brands. In Germany THQ Nordic AB owns a development studio with Black Forest Games. In our assortment you will find different video games of the manufacturer for the current platforms.

Selection of games


This title is a racing game from THQ Nordic that focuses on off-road racing. That's why you race around the circuit on motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs. You can also explore a vast open world and compete in different modes to prove your skills. In Freestyle mode you can also perform crazy stunts and in Multiplayer mode you can compete directly against your friends.


With ELEX THQ Nordic distributes an action role-playing game that lets you start directly in a post-apocalyptic world. The game is primarily about an unknown element of the same name, which over time has been used by different groups for different purposes. However, each faction is hostile to each other and you have to find your way around the world as a player. Join a faction and explore the world and history. In some points the title reminds of the classic Gothic, because it was developed by the same studio.


The computer game Spellforce is one of the parts that has been transferred to THQ Nordic through the acquisition of JoWooD. This is a role-playing game with fantasy and real-time strategy elements. In the fictional world of Eo, you must travel through different territories, defeat enemies, and ultimately advance to higher and higher levels. The course of the game is linear and can be followed from the third-person as well as from the bird's eye view. Most recently, the third main game in the series was released.

Titan Quest

If you like action role-playing games, there is practically no way around Titan Quest. Set in a mythological variant of antiquity, you have to fight over eighty creature species. The ultimate goal is to prevent the seizure of power by the Titans. You start as a player in Greece, however, the way leads over Egypt, directly into the Orient. Although the title was already released for Windows in 2006, new editions for iOS and Android are already available. In addition, ports to the current console generation will follow.


The Darksiders series, in which THQ Nordic AB takes over distribution, is also very well known. As one of the apocalyptic horsemen, the action-adventure is about uncovering a conspiracy. A war has broken out on Earth between heaven and hell, which humanity has not survived. The protagonist is accused of standing on the side of the underworld, but wants to prove his innocence at all costs and therefore begins the journey in post-apocalyptic New York.
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