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Supermicro (short for Super Micro Computer Inc.) is a manufacturer of computer systems and especially active in the server sector. The company was founded in 1993 by Charles Liang, who is still responsible for the management of the company, with its headquarters in San José, USA. Supermicro's core business is mainly servers in the high performance sector, which are suitable for data centers, cloud solutions, big data applications and similar applications. As the products are used in more than 100 countries worldwide, there are of course further branches. In Europe, the company is based in the Netherlands and Great Britain. We can supply you with used Supermicro servers and corresponding components for business applications.

Product portfolio

NVMe platform

With the NVMe platforms from Supermicro you get an easy to scale and high performance storage solution. This is suitable for client and server systems that need to achieve the lowest possible latency and high access values. However, the lower power consumption is also an advantage, which is why the switch from previous SSD technology can be worthwhile for several reasons. Ideal application areas include 3D modelling, database applications, cloud environments and virtualisation.

Simply Double

> Under this name Supermicro offers different SuperStorage systems, which occupy two height units (2U) in the rack and in comparison with systems of other manufacturers, which offer double the number of drive bays. In spite of the compact format, a high storage capacity can thus be achieved, although there is of course still a choice between various other features. These include the equipment with SSDs or SAS hard disks, redundant power supplies, as well as current Intel Xeon processors.


>In this area you will find Supermicro servers, which offer the maximum computing capacity on only two height units. Up to 2 TB DDR4 RAM, two 10 GbE ports with SFP+, as well as four NVMe and eight SAS3 hot-swap hard disks, leave nothing to be desired and help to meet the daily requirements of the IT environment. In addition, the systems are of course optimized for use in data centers, clusters and the cloud, which is particularly noticeable during installation and maintenance.


The Supermicro FatTwin is a 4U server that increases performance while reducing power consumption. Due to the modular architecture, you can equip the system flexibly according to your own requirements. Whether you want more hard disks, additional external connections, additional network options or redundant power supplies, all options are open to you. For this reason, the servers in this product range are also suitable for a wide variety of applications in companies.


As the name of the series suggests, the Supermicro Ultra Servers should combine practically unlimited performance and flexibility with easy scaling and maintenance. The manufacturer equips the systems with the latest Intel Xeon processors, accommodates up to 1.5 TB of RAM and of course leaves various options open for equipping them with storage media. In addition, efficient Titanium (96%+) or Platinum (95%+) power supplies are used.


Of course Supermicro is also active in the segment of blade servers and offers different models with 8HE, 6HE or 4HE. The integrated components include not only the top models of the Intel Xeon series, but also extremely powerful network controllers. A particularly great advantage of these systems is of course that scaling is particularly convenient, as only additional blades are added.

Other products

Supermicro manufactures many more server models and hardware components. Accordingly, we also offer various original spare parts and used hardware for the manufacturer's servers. Even in gaming and embedded computing the company is more and more active and enthuses with its outstanding product quality.
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