Based in Tokyo Sony is the third...
Based in Tokyo Sony is the third largest manufacturer of consumer electronics in Japan. After the foundation in 1946 the company started the production of self-developed rice cooker. By acquiring a license for the production of transistors, then made a breakthrough in the consumer electronics industry. Due to the weak sales, Sony has announced its 2014 computer division and the Vaio brand of the company Japan Industrial Partners to sell. The TV area is also to be swapped into a new company, and continued there. The main focus will then be on the Xperia brand for smartphones and tablets, and the Playstation game console. Current products Bravia Range With the new X-tended Dynamic technology and improved Sony Triluminos display again the brightness and color presentation of his TV. Its new design, larger integrated speakers and thus a more intense sound assets are also possible. Thanks to the latest 4K Ultra HD resolution, including 3D functionality, you can experience movies like at the cinema. Of course, you also get access to online services such as YouTube, Facebook and Video Unlimited. The screen size is 79 inches until 32, which is a suitable model for each case. Even accessories such as Blu-ray players, home theater system and other accessories will be produced directly from Sony, creating a perfect interaction between the devices is made possible.


The name stands for high quality Xperia smartphones and tablets. In particular, the device of the Z-series stand out here because they are dust and water resistant and have been certified to IP55 / IP58. By current hardware devices are ready at any time for all kinds of apps and these represent without restrictions. Of course, the new LTE is supported. The experience from the Television and Digital Camera range is reflected in the brilliant display and the powerful camera. The Tablet Z2 is also the lightest, waterproof tablet in the world. As extras we provide, for example, Sony a docking station, Bluetooth keyboard and smart belt ago. The latter can be used to let his own daily routine record to track this on your phone later.


For innovative ideas and new solutions in the notebook business Sony makes its Vaio models. This condition, for example. By the Triluminos displays, with respect to the image quality, a lot of advantages which are already known from the television sets. The Vaio Pro devices are ideally equipped for everyday work and on the move, as they offer a long battery life and powerful hardware. Those looking for a convertible notebook, found in the fitness and Tap Series new and flexible devices.

Other Products

Also in the field of digital and video cameras Sony has been very successful for a long time. In this case, the company is directed both at private users, as well as for experts and professional photographers. In the audio range are also numerous products for use in the home or in the car, such as wireless speakers and car radios with Bluetooth, USB and phone support.
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