Service Center

In our service center we offer a comprehensive and high-quality revision and review any IT equipment. Do you want to check your hard disks or a work-up of your hardware landscape? Need individual advice in relation to the exchange of your hardware? Is the installation of thin clients with a particular operating system your concern? Or just want a professional just deleting all coming in your IT landscape to use storage media?

To all these concerns, we take care with great care and joy. Match your requirements with us and seek advice from competent professionals. Use our experience and benefit from an increased success. Today, information technology is making more and more the central point of corporate strategy. The primary requirements are security, availability and reliability. To meet these and durable to ensure we assist you with our services page and offer you a comprehensive quality, safety and service management.

With our trained staff and our experience, we detect possible failures or failure risks associated with specific processes and ensure that they remain as low as possible, if they can not be completely prevented. Our employees dominate from start to finish every single and every step are the reliable factor when it comes to the concerns of our customers.

In addition to the reliable and safe operation of these systems must be maintained and in the case of a failure, the replacement time must be kept as low as possible. Therefore, our qualified technicians
take care of a careful workflow and a thorough review of all equipment according to manufacturer's specifications.
This reliability and experience offers you, our customer, better security and a maximized success due to improved business processes and a reliable operation of IT.