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The  DDR4  standard replaced after...
The DDR4 standard replaced after approximately 9 years, known DDR3 technology and, of course, makes the possibility in the server for more power capacity. We offer refurbished and used DDR4 Server RAM for fast upgrades and repairs. You get of course the same quality as in like new modules, as we carry out extensive tests that ensure the integrity of our server RAM modules.

DDR4 compared with DDR3

One of the most impor- tant additions at DDR4 server memory, relates to the effective clock rate at which the modules are operated. Thus, 1,600 MHz (DDR4-1600) already the lowest clock rate, 3.200 MHz (DDR4-3200) is the maximum. In between there are DDR4-2133 and DDR4-2666 modules, which is why you absolutely should review the specifications of your server before buying, to bring the compatible frequency in experience.

In the same train, but the power supply is lowered to 1.2 volts, which naturally decreases the power consumption. Likewise, this has a positive effect on the waste heat, so a total of more efficient systems are possible. Using new manufacturing processes is also up to eight memory layers on top of each other. However, this not only makes the possible total capacity increase, but also results in better signal quality.

A change to the new memory technology DDR4 requires, as already from DDR2 to DDR3, a replacement of the motherboard, including the other components. This follows not only from the changes in the operation, but also from the fact that DDR4 RAM modules have 288 contacts and not 260, as in DDR3 RAM.

The new methods for troubleshooting and detection, which brings the DDR4 standard, are also just in server systems interesting as a high degree of reliability is required here. Especially for database applications that run exclusively in memory, the new DDR4 memory modules will be brought to bear, since these high directly from the clock speed and other features benefit.

Why Used DDR4 server memory?

Our range contains only exquisite modules of the leading manufacturers, thereby providing a high level of compatibility. We also check for you to get all used DDR4 RAM modules for the lower price, an equally high quality. Therefore, the lower cost of the greatest benefit for you to stay. Consider using a rapid and significant increase in performance in order to use new applications to manage more users or generally get a shorter computation time.

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