Server DDR I RAM

Shortly after the turn of the century DDR RAM was able to prevail in the market after in 1999 the first modules were sold. Compared to its predecessor, the 168 pin SDRAM, DDR-RAM uses 184 pins for connecting to the slot on the mainboard. The biggest advantage lies in the significant increase in data transfer rate, which was theoretically doubled.

Technically this is achieved by not only at a rising edge of the clock signal, but at a falling edge of a data bit is transmitted. When buying a used DDR-RAM module, you might want to pay attention to the Effective clock, since the speed always follows the slowest module and must be supported by the motherboard. The clock rate is indicated by the respective name of the working memory. So is DDR-200 for an effective speed of 200 MHz. The higher is this (a maximum of 400 MHz), the higher the transmission rate. The operating voltage of a module is 2.5 and 2.6 V (at DDR-400).

The storage capacity of the modules ranges up to 2 GB per module. In the area of ??servers and workstations but are two other important functions added. On the one hand, this relates ECC, where there is a built-in error correction. This must be from the motherboard, and the processor are supported. Since this is not the case with simple desktop computers generally, these modules do not function therein. On the other hand there are so-called Registered modules. These have more registers and reduce the load of the memory controller to reduce. In contrast to the private user area no noticeable heat sinks are installed to counteract the waste heat in server modules. Rather, the server already housing are designed so that an optimal removal of the heat takes place, so that some eight or more modules in a small space can be used together.

Our used DDR-RAM modules for servers are the ideal and often only way to help an older system to the new speed. A repair is so inexpensive to do, because such memory is produced by manufacturers only in small numbers or not at all. In addition, memory modules are very sturdy, so it was also used DDR SDRAM in most cases can still operate for a long time. In general, the selection of DDR memory modules is very large, therefore we offer different models of renowned manufacturers. Our refurbished Server DDR RAM modules are fully tested for functionality and reconditioned by us or the manufacturer. Therefore, you get high quality branded products at a very low price. Through our wide range of manufacturers, including Samsung, Infineon, Hynix, Kingston and further, you always have the option to get exactly the module that you need. In general, it is advisable to always use identical memory. The necessary information can be found on the label of your memory module.