The memory (RAM short for Random Access Memory) is the fast random access memory in a computer system. Together with the CPU thus he is also one of the core components of each server. Currently DDRII RAM is often used in servers and workstations.

It is distinguished, however, from over its counterpart for home computers in other functions. Whether to extend or repair, here you will find a variety of DDRIIRAM modules for your system.

General features DDRII a socket with 240 pins. The older DDR standard, however used only 184 pins, so they are incompatible with each other. When a new version is to be used in memory, therefore usually remains only to replace the entire motherboard. Only a few motherboards support multiple types of memory and keep it different slots ready. Internal DDRII RAM is divided by the respective chipset. These range from the smallest variant DDRII-400 to DDRII 1066th The number after the name are respectively the effective clock in MHz, and it is the higher this is, the higher the transmission rate. However, the motherboard and the other modules must support this measure. If a module is used, which is slower than the others, all modules can be operated with the lower clock. The maximum transfer rate of 8.5 GB / s is therefore achieved only with DDRII-1066 modules. To reduce power consumption and heat generation, the required operating voltage of 2.5 V has been reduced to 1.8V. But are Specifically, the server still added important functions. So-called Registered modules offer a special signal buffer is realized by other registers. This reduces the load on the corresponding memory controller, but the power consumption may increase slightly. But since it is especially for servers on an error-free and fast operation, there are also ECC enabled modules. These include a method for error correction, which must be supported by the processor and the motherboard. For PCs, this is often not the case, so this computer does not start with used ECC or registered modules.

Our refurbished DDRII RAM bars are products of reputable manufacturers. These include Kingston, Hynix, Samsung and Infineon, as these have been established by a very high quality on the market. All items will also be overhauled by us or the manufacturer, which includes an extensive functional test. So you can be sure that you receive defect-free merchandise that you can use in your server or in the workstation directly. If you need memory as a replacement part and not know exactly what you need, you can find all relevant information on the label of each module. For questions you can contact us directly, of course.