Many of today's powered servers and workstations use DDRIII RAM for fast retrieval data. The most important purchase criteria here are not only the amount of memory and the Performance, but also the additional functions, such as. ECC. In this category you will find Therefore, a variety of DDRII modules, the one specifically for use in the server or Workstation are.

For several years DDRIII memory of the standard for current computer systems. The performance improvement over its predecessor is achieved by an adaptation of the technique, because instead of a 4-8-fold prefetch is used. The connection with the slot is still done with 240 pins, which he is not backward compatible with DDRII. By a further subdivision into different clock frequencies, the selection is quite large. So there is DDRIII- 800, but also DDRIII-2133 modules. The number indicates in each case the effective clock in MHz at the same time also increases the possible data rate. Special ECC and Registered modules are standardized but only to DDRIII-1600. A further improvement was made ??to the voltage supply, which is now 1.5 V instead of 1.8. There are also low and ultra low voltage memory modules available the 1.35 or 1.25 V need. Memory modules with elaborate heat sinks or other extras for overclocking is rarely found here. In the Server field, it is instrumental to achieve error-free and stable operation. With us you will therefore find used DDRIII ECC memory modules that are ideal for refurbishment or expansion of your system.