SSL data protection

We of you do not want to offer only used laptops and computers at the best conditions, but of course put an equally high value on the privacy of our customers. The link to our website is therefore secured by SSL, which can be seen on most Internet browsers on a green lock icon, which can be found next to the website address.

What is SSL and what it is for?

When SSL is a hybrid encryption protocol that is primarily used for secure data transmission over the Internet. This prevents the third parties can read, capture or modify certain data. Since the current version 3.0, it will be further developed under the name TLS for Transport Layer Security, which can be translated with transport security.

What mechanisms sets with SSL one?

The encryption and security of data transmission is made up of different components. When protocol we use as on TLS 1.0, 1.1 and the current TLS 1.2. This is due to the different support of numerous Internet browser, all these protocols meet high safety requirements.

How does the security of data transmission?

With the release of TLS 1.2 is used to calculate the secret (Secret Master) a complete ciphers Collection (cipher suite). What protocols and mechanisms are used precisely, is the Internet browser by handshake protocol from our server. Basically doing the following four components are selected:
  • Key Exchange
  • Authentication
  • hash
  • encryption
After having your client, so the browser, a connection has been established to our site, this authenticates the certificate. This is checked in the connection so you can be sure that it really is in the Web page. Was this process is successful, the signature algorithm used SHA256 comes with RSA to use.

The client uses the RSA 2048-bit key to encrypt a secret random number and send it to our server. Based on this, a cryptographic key is derived, which is used in the sequence for symmetric encryption, so no one can read the data. Since the secret random number with the public RSA key is encrypted, only our server can decrypt this number because he has the private key. Likewise, the integrity and authenticity are backed up.

This can be said in conclusion that your communication is secured by our website at any time and receive no unauthorized access to your data. If you have trouble connecting via HTTPS or more questions, you can contact course with us.

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