The rollout management is an important point when planning a new IT infrastructure. Even the use of a new software can make the exchange of computer and other systems required. Generally subject to all the hardware in the IT sector a life cycle of about 3 years. Therefore, it is important that the exchange takes place as quickly as possible. Let us therefore assume the roll-out management for you and relieve your IT department significantly. In advance of the rollout is of course a detailed planning carried out by the procedure to be able to comply without problems. The planning process for a desired period of time, on the other hand, the scope and sequence of the rollout. It is particularly important to what devices are and how many they are available. Generally, we distinguish which are explained in more detail below between 3 different versions.


The Pre-Packed variant we get our logistic partner or the devices at a specified time from you to let you incur no storage costs or long absences from work through crowded offices. The devices must be for pick up by our logistics partner in this variant already dismantled by yourself and fully packed.


If you opt for the managed variant we assume on-site packaging and transport then the equipment off. The equipment must only be disassembled by you. The packaging materials will be provided by us. This includes both pallets and boxes, and insulation and safety belts for all equipment safely and without prejudice to transport.

Ship From Desk:

The Ship from Desk variant is the easiest way for you, because you have to mention here only the dates of us and everything else is done by us. We dismantle all appropriate systems for you and take the packaging and transport. All tasks carried out entirely by us and our logistics partner, so that eg. Their own IT department can take care of the new IT infrastructure already and their downtime fails as low as possible.

If you require customization, you can contact us at any time on this. If desired of course we also take care of the construction of their new IT landscape and take on other services. These include the installation of new jobs, a data migration from the old to the new system and the implementation of a backup. If you have questions or want an indicative tender, in order to plan the implementation internally better, our staff be happy to help.