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Rockstar Games is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. and is therefore more of a brand or publisher of computer games. The label was founded in 1998 and today employs around 900 people. The headquarters are located in New York City in the United States, with the development of the respective games taking place in different branches. For example, rock star North, rock star New England and rock star San Diego belong to the well-known studios. Individual titles are also produced by other companies and distributed exclusively by Rockstar Games. In our assortment you will find different video games from Rockstar Games for the known platforms.

Selection of games

Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto series will probably be one of the best known of Rockstar Games. The game is basically a multi-genre game and can therefore be described as a racing game as well as an action and open-world game. The first title appeared in 1997 and currently the series already counts over five main games. A similar action awaits you in each part. As a male protagonist you are aiming for a career in the criminal segment of a big city. One of the biggest fun factors is the free movement in the city and the surrounding landscape. You can also pass the time with many side missions and activities to increase your wealth.

Max Payne

So far there are three games by Max Payne, which deal with the story of the protagonist of the same name. He is often plagued by feelings of guilt because he blames himself for the death of his family. In the individual levels you follow a linear structure and repeatedly engage in shoot-outs with opponents. However, a slow-motion effect (the so-called bullet-time) helps you to shoot more precisely and avoid the enemies.

Red Dead Redemption

Like Grad Theft Auto, the Red Dead Redemption series are open-world games from Rockstar Games. However, they don't play in modern times, they take you back to the wild west. In the first part, for example, you are in 1911 and experience the story as protagonist John Marston. An impressive and exciting story is therefore an elementary part of the game, where you can pursue many other activities throughout the landscape and the small towns. In combat you can use weapons, knives, explosives and a lasso. The first part was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, making it a pure console title.

L.A. Noire

Through L.A. Noire Rockstar Games could also get a lot of attention, because in this game new techniques were used, for example, to make the faces of the people look more realistic. This is also necessary because as a police officer you have to solve various crimes, including witness interviews and crime scene investigations. In conversations, lies have to be unmasked in order to obtain as comprehensive an explanation as possible. In addition, you can move around the city of Los Angeles as freely as possible. The entire story is set in 1947.

Midnight Club

With the Midnight Club games, Rockstar Games competes with the other well-known racing games. Priority is given to completing the various missions and winning illegal road races. Unlike other titles of the genre, you can choose the way between the checkpoints in the race. Other elements include a day/night change and various weather conditions. However, some features can only be found in more recent parts of the series.
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