Returns and Complaints

Dear customer. An article bought from us causes you problems? Do not despair. We will help you. Here's a little guide how a complaint runs with us and how it works the fastest.


Many errors can be regulated by repair measures. You can contact our service by e-mail at is available. Some errors can even be remedied by remote diagnosis. Otherwise the item will be repaired after a successful return and returned to you.

If the item can not be repaired and has a serious defect, we will gladly exchange the item.

If you are not a trader, the goods can be revoked within 14 days. Please return the goods to us in their original packaging.
return costs:

Return costs are in case of revocation after the introduction of the new right of withdrawal of To carry customers. Thank you for your understanding.
Please make sure to package the item to be returned in a safe and transport-safe manner, as well as enclose a copy of the invoice with an exchange or return request.

Please also remember to remove passwords and reset the device to the delivery standard. Otherwise, processing is not possible or only possible to a limited extent.
Note: In the case of warranty , after the article is submitted, you should have internal testing for a full Functionality of the same indicate, in this case, additional Expense costs arise for you as a customer.
And how to go:

Return to the following address:
Augsburger Strasse 51
86424 Dinkelscherben

1 Completely fill out and submit your return form
2 Packing product in original packaging and transport safe
3 Please do not send non-free packages
4 You do not need to wait for our feedback to be returned
return form

Your Order:

The order number we have sent to you, which you must enter here, serves to verify the return. You will find this order number on the invoice or in the e-mail sent to you at the time of purchase. The form below, which you fill out, is synchronized with our system. Therefore, we kindly ask you to give your details such as order number etc. exactly so that the returns can be assigned directly and no delays occur.

Note: In Warranty Cases , after internal submission of the article, internal testing may indicate that it is fully functional, In this case, additional Expense costs may arise for you as a customer.

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