Recycling and Disposal

The replacement of IT hardware (workstations, servers and other devices), as well as components (hard drives, video cards, etc.) takes place at ever shorter intervals. Often, this raises the question: What to do with the old equipment? This easy to dispose of is here the wrong way, because the systems and components of a repatriation offer in most cases an additional cash flow. They also participate thereby protecting the environment, which is an increasingly important aspect in today's time. Already in 2005 the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act occurred (WEEE) came into force, which is to ensure that at least 4kg electronic waste to be recycled per capita.

What happens to the waste?

All devices are tested with us on functionality and of course judged on timeliness of the hardware. The continued to be marketed devices enter the repatriation, the rest of the hardware is disposed of by us according to strict rules of environmental protection. It only appliances are disposed, which are either defective or outdated and no longer can therefore be used effectively. In recycling we pay attention also to the fact that the components are disposed of, if possible, returned at the end in commodities. To this end, we cooperate with certified disposal companies who work with the necessary technology. We also assure you that all disks are deleted by staff according to strict specifications.

If you wish to return your used equipment, please feel free to contact us. We will then create an appropriate approach to implement for you. All other steps are performed by us in order to save more precious time. After execution of the contract you will of course receive a report about what is happening with your equipment. Of course you can also send in advance a list of the devices are listed, based on this we can provide you with a preliminary quote. (Please let us know in this case, the manufacturer, the equipment, any defective and the age of the equipment with).

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