Rack - mountable

In medium and large enterprises, the IT infrastructure can quickly become confusing. Rack-mountable systems help to maintain order, since they can be easily installed in a suitable cabinet. This will ultimately result in shorter administration times as the servers, storage solutions and switches are faster and easier to access.

If you already have a rack cabinet in your company, you should pay attention to the feature rack in the purchase of new hardware. Only then is it ensured that an assembly can be carried out which does not entail any restrictions. This property is to be found, for example, in servers, switches and other systems which are more likely to take over central functions.

But even if you already have hardware that can not be mounted in the rack, there is quite a remedy. Thus, many servers can be retrofitted for use in the rack and to many devices there are mounting brackets as accessories. We also offer rack-mountable shelves, which serve, for example, as a parking space for routers and similar systems.

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