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We at offer not only used laptops, computers and hardware at bargain prices, but always provide an outstanding quality of our offered products. We achieve this through our certified staff that are equipped with the necessary know-how to help you to stand to one side even with questions after purchase with help and advice.

The IT industry is characterized by continuous innovation, which also require increasingly complex interrelations between the individual sections. Besides the availability of IT services is also the competitiveness of increasing importance. Therefore we focus not only on well-known manufacturers, who have established themselves in the industry because of their reliability, but also on a systematic and professional IT management to support their economic success and secure. Quality is our utmost concern here. Especially in today's times should quality remain a top priority.

As this quality is achieved?

In our Refurbishing Center each product is fully inspected and serviced on its features out. Our strict guidelines of its compliance with all of our employees. Starting from goods receipt, on the review of all articles, to the collection and distribution of products, we can rely on our properly working and technically skilled employees who ensure that our standards are met.

Thus, for example, Used memory with multiple reads and writes checks to prevent subsequent crashes or malfunctions of the complete system. Each of our staff is regularly trained for such reviews to give you any time to the best possible quality and to reduce problems with our items to the absolute minimum. Especially in times of monitoring is data security a more important issue. Therefore, all used hard drives are completely erased by us and overwritten several times with random data, so that can restore the previously saved files in any way. As completion of the refurbishing process, all systems and components are carefully cleaned, which is why this often does not consider that they have already been used. See for yourself and use one of our used notebook at an unbeatable price, the home for daily use or as residential equipment.

All this guarantees you, our customer, a smooth, fast work, great flexibility and, of course, the quality you desire. We always stand by your side and are a reliable partner. All these points are part of our corporate philosophy. Especially, business partners must be able to rely on each other. A plan is only as good as the weakest link in it. Amplify your planning chain through our experience, diligence and flexibility.