With around 116,000 employees...
With around 116,000 employees worldwide, Philips is one (actually Koninklijke Philips NV) of the largest companies in the electronics sector. With today's office in Amsterdam Philips was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven.

Throughout history, several companies were acquired and issued various business parts. So, for example, belonged Grundig AG from 1984 to 1998 for Philips. After the television division in 2011 was first in collaboration with TPV Technology on, Philips rose from the beginning of 2014 completely. TPV also has purchased the right to continue to sell equipment with the name Philips. By-products from the consumer electronics and the ITSegment include home appliances, personal care products and light bulbs for existing offer. Under the name of Philips Healthcare, the company is also active in the medical field.

Current Products


In the field of TV Philips has a wide range of products with a total of 10 product lines on offer. The 9000 series this includes the best models with Smart TV, 3D function and Ultra HD resolution with 65-inch diagonal screen. The Design Line you also get a TV that immediately stands out through special packaging and 46 or 55 inch size in the eye and also in the functions provides the full comfort. For particularly flat device, for example, for wall mounting, the Elevation products offer 60 or 84 inches at most. Of course you also get smaller devices with 32 to 46 inches. They can be found from the 3000 to the 8000 series. Here are the series primarily at containing functions.


With the projectors PicoPix series you get compact, practical and above all powerful everyday companion. You are always ready to go, if you want to give a presentation at the customer or want to show the latest pictures of the last vacation friends. The devices run this with an internal battery or refer your power directly from the USB port of your notebook. Also be played back directly from SD card files, so no separate playback device is necessary.


The home cinema projectors with LED technology current are optionally available with an integrated DVB-T tuner and deliver an image size of 50 to 100 inches. This is dependent on the actual distance to the wall. With integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, and HDMI port, also connect to the home network or other players is not a problem. The hardware is designed for a service life of 30,000 hours, ahead of many competitors' products.


The Monitor section provides Philips more innovative solutions for easier work. So the model Ergo Sensor is it designed with the user to interact and eg to remind breaks or to also give spelling suggestions with respect to the viewing distance. If no user is sitting at work, the unit is also automatically turned off to save energy. This function is also available under the name Power Sensor. With LightFrame your eyes are invited to relax and strengthen the concentration by the entire screen lights up in a cool blue.
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