Starting the Panasonic Corporation...
Starting the Panasonic Corporation has as a family business under the name of electric appliances factory Matsuhita (German translation). Today's headquarters are located in Japan and is therefore responsible for managing a total of 537 additional locations.

The brand name Panasonic first appeared in 1955 and was used for speakers and lights. In 1962, the first sales office was opened in Europe. This is located in Hamburg and is now called Panasonic Germany. As one of the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics and other products for the industry, Panasonic employs more than 290,000 people worldwide. Of approximately 11,000 in Europe. With the aim to enrich the lives of its customers, the company was also instrumental in standards such as involved for the CD and DVD.

Latest Product Series

TX Series

The flat screen TV in this series you will get with a screen diagonal 19-65 inches and the latest resolution 4K (Ultra HD) is also possible with some devices. These work either with the LED-LCD or the new NeoPlasma technology. This ensures particularly for 3D TVs for a better picture with lower power consumption. Through a personalized homescreen you will also receive the most commonly used television content on an insight.

TOUGHBOOK / Toughpad

For use in harsh environments such as construction sites, hospitals or emergency situations, these devices are perfect. They are waterproof and also survive falls without problems. It will not skimp on performance, because the devices are equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor and are also available, including 4k display. The screens are anti-glare and offer a brilliant graphics, allowing you to. For example, architects are very interesting. The notebooks and Convertibles are equipped with Windows 8 Pro. The tablets, however, are also available with Android.

Multifunctional Printers

With a broad scope of functions and compact as possible, as well as functional design, Panasonic speaks with its multifunction printers to companies of any size. The devices of the KX and DP series are reliable standard equipment, including scanners and fax. The DP series of duplex printing is also included. Anyone looking for a professional scanning will find it in the KV series. These devices support partly the DIN A3 format and are supplied with the appropriate software Image Capture Plus. This allows, for example, easy convert a scanned page in the desired format.


In the telecommunications sector, Panasonic trendsetting focused on NGN (Next Generation Network). The benefits of the growing integration of network and telephony are fully used by the telephone systems from Panasonic. You will receive an expandable system with various applications, such as a desktop client or the connection of an external body. Even video conferences in HD quality are you, made possible by additional hardware, in a simple manner. Devices such as the DECT handsets are also compatible with existing third-party systems and impress with their compact, but robust design.
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