PNY has existed for over 30 years and is now one of the leading hardware manufacturers, for consumer, business and OEM products. The European headquarters is located in Bordeaux, the headquarters, however located in Parsippany, New Jersey. In this country, the company is primarily known for graphics cards, but there are also USB flash drives, solid-state disks, memory, and various other accessories product scope. With us you get as accordingly a used graphics card to upgrade your PC system. Are you often on the road, you but also the various adapter cable and Power Banks might like to be best equipped mobile.



Currently include solid-state disks for many already as standard because the performance gain is enormous and further lower prices. PNY also offers flash memory, these shares but into different categories. This is due to the different properties that cause the perfect suitability depending on the application.

In client sector are SATA III SSDs in 2.5 to find inch form factor, which include up to 960 GB of storage. The best performance in everyday life is achieved by various factors, so that these models are to extend and change the notebook, PC or Mac.

Another SSD from the client series, is designed specifically to meet as many requirements of OEMs. This can therefore already SSD block factory to provide a further selling point of the system produced. To convince companies the business model EP7011 is designed, which stands out with an even greater energy efficiency, performance and reliability.

GeForce graphics cards

In the graphic solutions PNY stands already from the fact that only GeForce chips are used. Nevertheless, the choice of course is huge, because the different power levels are covered. So you can eg. A GeForce GTX 980Ti card with 6GB GDDR5 memory or a GeForce GTX 780Ti use 3GB of graphics memory to really anywhere to get the full power, whether at play or in other graphics applications. For many desktop PCs, set rather low demands on the graphics, however possible it takes is also a less expensive GTX 550Ti. So Just use the model that you really need.


Similarly diverse as the graphics card, also falls the selection of the memory. Here you can choose between different capacities, modules and special features. So you're looking for conventional RAM for your notebook, you will also find, as users seek the most rapid memory for gaming PCs. To visually to ensure that little extra, you get some models in different colors.

Other Accessories

Among the other products of PNY also find storage media such as SD and microSD cards or USB sticks. In addition, however, the manufacturer also offers Powerpacks for smartphones and tablets, and various adapters and cables. So if you want, for example, use your MacBook Mini Displayport via a HDMI screen, you can do rely on accessories PNY Technologies.