Notebook DDR II RAM

In DDR2 SDRAM (Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) is an evolution of DDR SDRAM standards. When a read request 4 instead of 2 bits per data pin now be read (also called four times prefetch).

For laptops and small devices, such as PCs and small in size, these memory modules are in the SO- DIMM ( Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module ) version. As with DDR1 memory contains 200 pins on the bottom edge for connection to the motherboard. The modules are neither mechanically nor electrically compatible with DDR1.

The supply voltage of the memory modules has also been lowered to 1.8 V instead of the previous 2.5 V, which provides for less heat generation and allows for higher clock rates. The standard clock rates are 400, 533, 667, 800 and 1066 MHz. In general, all modules are compatible with the associated motherboard slots. Should a module with higher maximum clock speed on a motherboard set which supports only a lower clock , so the module is operated with this lower clock. The term computer in the memory modules is directly related to the way of the clock rate. If you divide the number after the PC name by 8 to get the effective clock rate (PC6400 -> 6400/8 = 800MHz effective clock).

Available are DDR2 SO-DIMM modules with up to 4GB of storage capacity per module. Since this type of memory is still widely available in our range of refurbished memory modules come with a variety of modules at very reasonable prices. The selection is constantly growing and includes all storage used. Of course it is also possible to directly notebook to lay a module in the shopping cart. In this case, we can arrange for the store for you, so that you can start immediately when the unit is sent.

In most notebooks there is the access to the memory modules below the device under a small plastic masking that can often be solved with a screw. The upgrade is hereby done very easily and quickly. In some models, the RAM is but hidden under the keyboard.
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