Network Cameras

In many environments, network cameras are already in use on a daily basis and the large selection of different models opens up numerous possibilities. That's why we also offer IP cameras that you can easily install and set up to keep track of the areas you need. The purchase can not only pay off for companies, but also for private individuals who want to monitor their home when nobody is at home.

What is the difference between the network cameras of the individual manufacturers?

In our assortment you will find a diverse selection, with each manufacturer usually offering several product lines. The most obvious difference is already whether the camera can be controlled, that is, for example, allows a rotation or fixed and then shows a fixed image. In addition, some cameras have infrared sensors and other extras to deliver a usable image even at night.

Another important point is, of course, the image quality, since the network cameras differ technically in their possibilities. While one model only generates one 720p data stream, another product may already be capable of recording in 4k resolution. Many cameras can also make certain parts of the image unrecognizable, which may be necessary in order not to record illegally.

It is also important to note the intended use of the camera. In particular, the distinction between outdoor and indoor use is important. If the network camera is to monitor your company's outdoor area, it must be weatherproof. In addition, some models can be retrofitted accordingly, which usually suitable housing can be used.

Many manufacturers also equip their network cameras with functions such as motion detection. Cloud storage and other access apps are also common. Which of these features are important to you always depends on the requirements, especially since additional devices for data storage and management of the cameras are often used. The latter can often already take over NAS systems.

What advantages do used network cameras offer?

In addition to the lower price you also benefit from the used and refurbished IP cameras of the respective range of functions. In our offer you will find a variety of accessories to equip the camera for the particular application and expand functionally. Management systems are equally part of our assortment, so you can get everything from one source and start the installation and setup right away.

So whether you need a surveillance solution for your home or business, just contact us. We are happy to offer you suitable products and help with the planning. Of course, because the cameras rely entirely on network communication, it also needs a powerful network infrastructure. For the latter, PoE support can also be helpful to power the IP cameras directly via the network cable.
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