In 1996, Netgear was founded as a subsidiary of Bay Networks and was responsible for the area of ??network technology for home users and small offices. After Bay Networks was acquired by Nortel in 1998, succeeded Netgear 2002, completely solve Nortel. Since then it has been an independent company under the leadership of the former co-founder Patrick Lo. The currently marketed products are suitable for operation in the corporate network, as well as for home users and come from the network, storage, security and surveillance technology.

Current Products Series


With a comprehensive range of reliable network switches, Netgear offers customers of all sizes a suitable model. Here an extension to a few ports through a small plug and play device is also possible, such as the use of fully-managed switches as the backbone of your entire network. The switches help to create the best possible data throughput to provide the client computers the ideal connection to application and file servers. The PoE switches are the most popular models and offer your PoE power partly because of all the ports of the switch, whereby the administration and maintenance even easier. By VPN Firewalls secure networking of your sites or with the field staff will also relieved. In the field of wireless LAN management Netgear offers systems for up to 20 access points with which the management of your wireless network is simple and yet very safe. The matching APs are available in different versions that are adapted to the different needs.


The ReadyNAS series offers an extensive range of equipment for the central storage of your data. The systems for the home office and small to medium sized offices hold four hard drives with up to 2TB of storage. If you want to store very large amounts of data to eg to secure many backups centrally, as well as models for mounting in the rack are available. These can be fitted with 12 hard drives and also support 4 TB hard drives. For quick access to the memory is provided by two 10-GbE ports. If you want to upgrade your memory low and would like to benefit from the advantages of central data storage, we offer technically flawless and used NAS devices. To match this, we also refubished hard drives of any size in the offer. As a special extra Netgear also offers licenses for IP cameras under the name ReadyNAS Surveillance. This can be, in conjunction with the included software, manage and control 16 cameras. Through the various license models you pay only for the number of cameras that they actually use and can easily be retrofitted when needed.

Other Products

For home users and small offices provides Netgear also provides more reliable routers and switches. You will also receive any additional accessories and other devices, such as powerline adapter to perform the cross-linking of your equipment and components easily, safely and without limitation. For users who are often on the road, further, there is a mobile broadband router in the product range, which allows you to use a UMTS / 3G or LTE connection on multiple terminals.