Since 1928, Motorola has provided...
Since 1928, Motorola has provided various innovations in the field of electrical engineering and communications. Even the transmission of the first words from the Moon in 1969 was done with Motorola equipment. Today, the company continues to be active in voice and data communications, driving technology forward. The products appeal mainly to companies that rely on a real-time transfer of various information. In Germany Motorola is represented with three locations, which are located in Berlin, Idstein and Alsdorf. With us you get, for example, used WLAN access points of the manufacturer, which ensure the uncompromising operation with their powerful equipment.

Product Portfolio


The focus is on radios, which are license-free or license-free are available. However, these are not only aimed at companies, for example, to make employee communication as simple as possible. Likewise, at Motorola, consumer radios are included in the assortment, so you can use e.g. stay connected at a festival or other events even over several kilometers.

The body-cams and video-loudspeaker microphones, on the other hand, are mainly located in the field of security services or are used to equip government forces. They can thus record critical events, for example, to secure evidence. An intuitive interface and combination options with digital radios make Motorola the number one choice in this field.

Due to the increasing popularity of LTE networks, the manufacturer also offers a suitable terminal for safety-critical use and equips cars with an LTE modem that can access 3G and 4G networks.


The TETRA series provides a complete communication solution from Motorola, which of course can be adapted to specific requirements. The infrastructure is IP-based and was developed for safety-critical use. Therefore, it is supplemented only by robust and reliable radios. Individual service, as well as practical and inexpensive accessories let you fully exploit all possibilities. Thanks to TETRA, your employees can concentrate on their actual tasks and do not have to spend too much time with the communication technology.


Under the name ASTRO, Motorola Solutions is providing a platform for the reliable delivery of voice and data services. Even difficult conditions can be mastered with it. The ASTRO P25 platform can be used in a single location as well as expanded into a regional and nationwide system. First and foremost, of course, this solution is aimed at providers or large companies.


Motorola is also known to many as a brand for smartphones. This is now part of Lenovo and is more and more often called "Moto by Lenovo". The most powerful models include the Z-series smartphones, which can be expanded with individual modules. Likewise, the X-, G- and E-series can compete in the market, because each user puts different aspects in the foreground, when it comes to the purchase of a smartphone.

Other Products

In addition to the aforementioned fields of activity, Motorola also offers other accessories and also acts as a service provider. In addition, the company has complete solutions for authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS). The police, the fire brigade and also rescue services fall into this area.
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