The world's largest and most famous...
The world's largest and most famous of software manufacturer was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. In 1981, the first operating system MS-DOS was presented which was developed on behalf of IBM. The operating system GUI Windows and Office applications suite Office developed in the 90 years to become market leaders. Today, Microsoft is not just software solutions here, but also provides its own hardware, provides web services such as cloud storage ready and spread their own knowledge through training and certification. In addition, Microsoft is also represented on the market for game consoles with the in-house Xbox.

Current Products


The best known and most supported Windows operating system is no longer installed on computers and servers. The name also includes sub-applications such as Windows Media Player or hardware products such as the Windows Phone. Since version 8 operating system also supports innovative input by touch and thus finds its place on many tablets and convertible notebooks. The predecessor to Windows 7 but many still very popular and is still preferable installed on the devices. Even if you prefer to use this version, you can contact us for a PC with a refurbished license. With Windows Server 2012 R2, you get a powerful operating system for servers in the enterprise. You have many options to perform various services, such as a terminal or database server. Due to constant development you are also future proof and by regular free updates always up to date.


The office suite includes depending on your version of all the applications you need for your daily work routine. These include word processing Word and Excel spreadsheet, but also the convenient email client Outlook. This is also a calendar is integrated, which can be divided in connection with the Windows Exchange Server and thus also is shareable. The new version of Office 365 also supports the application in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere. This allows you to always have access to important data or quickly and easily check their emails.


With the operating system Windows 8 Microsoft also introduced its own tablet. A distinction is made between the Pro and the RT version. In the latter case it is not possible to install standard applications if they are not available in the Windows Store. In addition, no connection to other computers or servers can be produced via Remote Desktop. But you get Office 2013 RT directly to making it suitable especially for home users. The Pro devices can be used as normal PCs and are also more powerful thanks to stronger hardware.

Other Products

In addition to the products listed and the widespread Messenger Skype is a product of Microsoft. In addition, the company is a manufacturer of input devices such as mice and keyboards and OneDrive also offers a cloud storage.
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