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About Acer
As a computer company with ...
Founded in 1976 under the name Multitech, the manufacturer of computer systems now belongs to the Acer Group and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1987, the current name for the company was introduced. For many years, Acer is already known for PCs, notebooks, tablets and servers, although this is far from the entire product portfolio. The main goal is to break the boundaries between humans and technology, giving everyone the chance to use technology for their own needs and goals.

The target group is primarily private customers, but also small and medium-sized enterprises. Acer sees itself as a manufacturer of the necessary tools and advanced technology that helps you to better put your own ideas and ideas into action. So whether you need a notebook for home or a server for your company, the product range contains numerous systems. This also includes monitors, projectors and other accessories, giving you virtually all your IT equipment from a single source.

Around 8,000 employees in more than 100 countries today handle sales, marketing and service. In addition, the PC manufacturer Gateway was acquired in 2007, which also included Packard Bell. Both are now also part of the Acer Group, which mainly increased market share. In Germany, Acer Computer GmbH operates as a subsidiary and has its headquarters in Ahrensburg. The award "Hamburg's Best Training Companies 2015" was also awarded there.
A tablet ...
This area leads the manufacturer mainly under the name Iconia, with both home users, as well as for business users suitable devices are available. With the small and handy Iconia One Tablet, you will thrill the whole family, as they not only capture and share every moment, but also enjoy games and videos smoothly. Anyone who wants to carry around as few items as possible, even gets smartphone and tablet in one device thanks to Iconia Talk. Each model also has a responsive and innovative design.

Since tablets are one of Acer's best-known products, of course, corresponding devices are also manufactured for business users. Above all, the Iconia Tab 10 stands out, which convinces with its four forward-looking speakers. It also features a 25.4 cm (10-inch) Full HD display with IPS technology. The other tools included offer additional benefits in everyday life. For example, the Acer EZ utility allows you to increase fonts, which is not possible with comparable Android tablets.
A notebook or laptop is the ...
The second important product segment is the notebooks, where Extensa, TravelMate and Aspire are the most important series. These meet the needs of private users and business users in analogy to the tablets. Which screen diagonal, battery life or performance you wish, you can choose freely according to the various features and choose your desired device, because Acer certainly has a matching model in the range.

However, if a simple notebook is not enough, you'll get the ideal solution with the Switch and Spin series. The devices can either be folded completely or the screen can be easily separated from the keyboard to be used as a tablet. Ultimately, this will give you the perfect system for work and leisure, since you will be completely convinced in every situation. Relax after a stressful day so for example just a movie.
In this category you will find a ...
Acer offers the Extensa and Veriton series for stationary workstations. There is a suitable computer available for almost any purpose. From the all-in-one PC, to compact and flexible PCs, to high-performance desktop computers, the product range leaves nothing to be desired. Especially the models in the small form factor are ideally suited for operational purposes, since they require little space and yet offer sufficient options.

On the other hand, if it comes mainly to expansion options, you will of course get corresponding PCs in the well-known ATX cases at Acer. These are not only equipped with all kinds of high-performance hardware, but also impress visually with an elegant design. The Revo Base also serves as a perfect media center in a private environment. Just plug in the handy computer and use it for entertainment, surfing the web, or for a relaxing evening out on your favorite show.
Have you already decided on an Acer Tablet, but can not find it in our shop? This is not a problem, because we are happy to offer you an alternative and make you an appropriate offer. So just get in touch with us. Likewise, you may of course contact us if you miss technical details or details in the product description should be unclear. We look forward to hearing from you and will be pleased to help you find the right tablet PC for you.

You can do the same thing if you have not been able to find a tablet before. Talk to us or just look at a later date in our offer. In today's electronics sector, the drive is so strong that now regularly appear new models. Unless we have been able to convince you of a used Acer tablet so far, is in a few weeks, the ideal device in our range. A quick look is worthwhile in any case.
Besteht bei den angebotenen Acer Tablets noch ein Garantieanspruch?
Was ist nach Feststellung eines Defekts beim Tablet zu tun?
Wird das Original Zubehör mitgeliefert?
Bestehen optische oder technische Mängel?
Welche Betriebssysteme werden von Acer verwendet?
Refurbished and used tablet computer
We specialize in the sale of refurbished PC systems ...
We specialize in the sale of refurbished PC systems. Therefore, you will also get Acer tablets in a used or completely reconditioned condition. You therefore do not have to fear any restrictions compared to comparable new products and can enjoy the full range of services when using them. Increase your productivity or entertain yourself with music, games and movies at a perfect price / performance ratio.
Tablets have rapidly gained popularity, as they offer a high degree of mobility, but also more and more functions. Acer is one of the manufacturers who offered different models right from the start. Each one is based on different purposes, but generally all have basic features. With us you can buy Acer Tablets cheap and just start.

Many models have already been designed for a specific application, but can easily be used in other applications. So the small handy Acer Tablet is just as suitable for work as for playing games and watching movies at home. In order to make the best possible purchase decision, you should already specify some marginal data that the tablet should fulfill in advance. An important factor here is the screen diagonal, since longer work on a 10 inch model is of course more pleasant to perform than on a small 7 inch tablet PC.

High-quality workmanship and a noble design
Whether you choose a current Acer Iconia Tablet in the high-end range or grab the cheap entry-level model, the Acer models are the devices of other manufacturers in every way. You have the choice between a chic aluminum design, as well as perfectly processed plastic housings. Whichever Iconia Tab you choose, you will surely enjoy your work.
Designed for multimedia lovers
Each Acer Iconia model offers a variety of ways to create a balanced evening of entertainment. Whether you prefer listening to music, watching a movie, or chatting with friends for a long time, the Iconia Tablet lets you do it all. Thanks to integrated cameras, video telephony is no problem or you record important moments wherever you happen to be.
Mobility in the foreground
Even if you buy an Acer Iconia Tablet cheaply, you do not give up on a variety of benefits. Taking pictures, doing skype, chatting, watching movies or social media, all these devices offer a high level of user-friendliness and enduring battery performance. When you're on the move, the Acer Iconia Tab is the perfect companion.
Performance at any time
Depending on usage, you should pay attention to various technical details when buying an Acer Iconia tablet. Of course, the entry-level models also offer enough power to operate the respective system smoothly and trouble-free. In addition, Acer not only offers Android, but also Windows tablets of various price ranges, which gives you the full freedom of choice.

The innovation ability of Acer, however, is not only seen in terms of the performance-related view of the tablets, because there is also much development work in other areas. This includes, among other technologies, the anti-fingerprint coating including the Lotus effect. After all, everyone knows the smears and fingerprints on smartphones and tablets with touchscreen, but this does not have to be like Acer proves. The coating makes cleaning easier than ever. Even liquid drips quickly from the display and can be removed in no time. As a result, not only visually for a better impression, because of course, the device itself is thus protected much more effective. Some models may even be completely splash-proof, which means that accidental spilling of drinks will not lead to total loss. So if the tablet is used by young children or should be used outdoors, it may be worthwhile to pay attention to this feature. Just find the right used tablet PC that best suits your needs and usage style.

Among the many features of Acer tablets is, for example, Precision Touch. This feature allows for an even better user experience, which, among other things, results from the 2.5 times tighter grid. Of course, the particular device is not only suitable for entertainment, but can help in many other household activities. Would you like to Try new dishes, you can simply open the recipe you want on a web page and place it next to you while cooking. The finger does not necessarily have to be used for operation since virtually any conductive object can make the desired contact. As an optional accessory, it also supports a wide range of capacitive display pens that make it easy to take notes, annotate documents, or highlight individual parts in graphics. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to switch rapidly between productive use, entertainment and more. The large Play Store of Android leaves almost nothing to be desired, so you will quickly and easily find the right app. So take your next used Acer tablet quietly on the feature Precision Touch, in order to achieve even greater precision in everyday use. Incorrect entries and unintentional selections are thus a thing of the past.

Get the most complete performance with the latest Iconia tablets from Acer. In these, the manufacturer has accommodated all sorts of features, which provide just for the family a lot of joy. An IPS display ensures a perfect view from different angles, which is especially advantageous when watching movies with several people. Thanks to a micro-SD card, most devices can also be upgraded to suit their own requirements, so that you can save music, photos and other media directly on the tablet. Latest Android versions, as well as powerful and modern hardware are also included. New and graphics-intensive games are therefore especially fun because they are not only displayed with crystal clear graphics, but also run smoothly and trouble-free. Numerous connectivity options also allow the use of additional accessories, such as a mouse and keyboard. Simply connect them via the integrated Bluetooth function and in just a few moments you will receive a fully functional implement that you can use to create documents, process e-mails or conduct research on the Web.
Acer convinces completely with the designed tablet PCs, because they represent an ideal overall concept with the appealing design, the functional diversity and the innovative characteristics. A solid workmanship also ensures a long shelf life, so you can enjoy a long time on an Acer Tablet. Depending on the application, you can also choose between different models, so you get your perfect everyday companion, which you certainly do not want to give out of hand.

Special functions can also be an important part of the purchase decision. For this reason, Acer equips some products with other technologies such as a digitizer. The latter allows the use of pressure-sensitive pins. Whatever wishes and requirements you have, Acer will certainly fulfill these to your satisfaction. Just check the respective product description or contact us. Many of the offered used tablets were also already overhauled and thus convey the same user experience as comparable new devices.