The manufacturer Magicard offers practically everything you need for the creation of ID cards, Making the company a safer world since its founding in 1992. As head office Serves the location in Weymouth, UK, where also the complete manufacturing . In addition, Magicard has sales and service offices in America, Dubai, China and India. For the entire production the company sets the latest standards, the Military guidelines. The different regional requirements for identity cards and ID cards are also supported by the manufacturer. You will find used second-hand card printers From Magicard, with which you can create eg company passes, tickets or visitor passes Can

Product Portfolio

Desktop ID Card Printer

In this series, Magicard offers the right model for every application. For the For example, the Enduro3E printer has a high reliability and a high performance Robust design. In addition, this is already available with an Ethernet connection. Likewise, However, you can rely on the Helix or Prima 4 devices as these have the ID card printing in photo quality enable. Optionally, these are equipped with touchscreen display, include an option to Lamination or achieve a particularly high throughput

Particularly interesting, however, are the card printers of the special series, since these are special Applications. Besides lockable devices, are also particularly large Formats. With the Touch Screen ID Kiosk from Magicard is also a complete solution Which can be adapted directly to your environment. A self-defined User interface is ideal to guide your customers, employees or visitors perfectly. However, also WiFi, a POS terminal and a webcam are possible amenities

Card design software

Magicard naturally has not only the hardware for creating ID cards on offer, but Offers the necessary applications for the design of the cards. You receive the TrustID Application in different variants, so that you get precisely the range of functions that you need. In the Classic version, for example, everything is necessary for the design and printing of the cards , While the Pro version already supports a database connection. With Dynamic QR codes and bar codes, the cards can also be provided

You get the full scope with the Pro Smart version, which provides an even easier integration Excel, SQL, dBASE, or Microsoft Access databases. Only one button is enough To start the data integration. In addition, the ID cards can be customized with special Security features based on MIFARE Classic (EV1) or iClass technologies. This is a lighter possibility than ever before, the physical and logical access of the Appropriate persons in your company or at your event

UltraSecure Smartcards

At Magicard, you will also receive the necessary data directly in addition to card printers and design software Material. The manufacturer offers various card formats and security features. So look for maps that meet specific guidelines, are equipped with magnetic strips Or a chip functionality, you will definitely find it. consumables such as Color tapes are of course equally available

Other options

All ID card printers from Magicard support the application of safe watermarks The cards. These protect them above all against unauthorized copying. Model Rio Pro and Helix Allows you to customize the watermark so you can use your company logo or a Specific security design. It does not matter if you have a watermark Over the whole area, a part or a single strip.
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