Logistics and Collecting

Many IT projects are delayed due to faulty hardware supplied. Since these defects are often due to improper packaging or incorrect handling, long disputes come up with suppliers, delivery service and other stakeholders to resolve the debt, nor added. Crushed or torn packets are not unheard of and thus you lose not only money but also precious time.

This source of error is eliminated through us, we work closely with our logistics partner together and pass the necessary know-how for proper shipping. The tools required such as insulating materials and cardboard, and pallets and safety belts are available in all sizes and can be used individually for your goods to provide adequate and safe.

What to consider when shipping?

In general, IT equipment should always be safely shipped from shocks. Especially for servers, storage systems or other devices with internal disks the disks can take heavy damage already upset by the carton. For PC systems and servers should also be taken to ensure that, for example, the CPU cooler is not free sitting on the mainboard. To this end, this should be backed by appropriate insulation material. If the radiator stop by a shock and free fall through the housing, thus this could often mean a defective motherboard and a total loss of the system. When it comes to the shipping of monitors or other displays is important primarily to the fact that no great burden is on the screens (by possibly stacked packages). As you can see from these examples, there is much to consider when shipping IT equipment and therefore it is our greatest concern that their ordered goods arrive safely to you and you do not lose time because of complaints for defective goods delivered.

If you have questions about delivery as you want, for example, a delivery date or need express delivery, please contact us. Our trained staff will create a tailor-made solution to their concerns and initiate the necessary steps in the way.