The LevelOne brand was introduced by the Digital Data Communications GmbH already 1998th The company from Dortmund was able to achieve steady growth, so that the success is now in over 20 countries through more branches. With the numerous product lines any bandwidth and transmission techniques of network sector are covered. The latter undergoes an increasingly important role for any company, as well as for private individuals. So take advantage of the many years of experience and continued with the LevelOne components to reliable and current technology. We offer a dealer new, refurbished and used network switches and other products from LevelOne, with which you can expand your environment makes sense.



Especially the access point to the Internet, frequently demanding a role, which fulfilled LevelOne in various ways. So in addition to conventional DSL routers, those are also available, which already have a wireless access point, VPN server, or even a battery to hedge. In addition, some models have the option of multiple ports connect to the Internet, so that the failure of a connection is intercepted in an emergency.


In this series LevelOne not only simple access points. Are for example in the private environment to increase the radio range. There are also business systems available that can be supplemented by wireless controller to perform an easy and centralized management. Here, the manufacturer, of course, a variety of WLAN standards covers and provides base stations for indoor and outdoor use, with optional PoE supply.

Powerline adapters

Do you want to connect a terminal wired to your network without having existed cabling, powerline adapters can be used for this often. These are simply plugged into the socket and then make a connection via the electrical wiring. Your device is then connected only with the adapter in the wall socket. On the other hand the same connection from the switch is made to the powerline tail.


By far the greatest range offers LevelOne however Switiching area. The various models meet while a large amount of request, allowing you to choose according to your specific application purposes. From an industrial switch for very harsh environments, through to the compact model for the home everything is practically here. Also modular, stackable and manageable devices are available. natural fiber connections are possible as well as current Gigabit connections via copper cable.


With the KVM products from LevelOne keep your IT control at all times. Whether KVM consoles to access, switches for connecting multiple servers and other devices or extenders to bridge KVM connections. You get all the components from a single source and can, thanks to perfect tuning, be sure about their function. To manage multiple servers easily and conveniently from a single workstation.

Network Accessories

Similarly extensive as with the network components, the range of accessories. For LevelOne also offers network cards, media converters and PoE injectors. You will also receive print servers, fiber GBICs, antennas and industrial power supplies. In addition, the manufacturer offers some NAS systems that are suitable for small workgroups and provide an easier cooperation.

IP cameras

If you want to integrate an inexpensive but reliable and stable camera surveillance in your company, you can rely on LevelOne likewise. From different IP camera models, via video recorders, to the management software, you get everything you need. Due to the large range of optional accessories, the various devices can also extend easily and perfectly equipped for the particular application. Meta-Description: Nutzen Sie einen gebrauchten Switch vom Netzwerkprofi LevelOne, den Sie bei uns neben vielen weiteren Produkten zum budgetfreundlichen Preis erhalten.