LG Philips LCD Display - LM240WU5 (SL) (A4) - 24 "- 1920 x 1200 - WUXGA - LED

Condition: Refurbished by manufacturer

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The LG Philips LCD LM240WU5 (SL) (A4) has a screen size of 24 inches (60.96 cm) and is suitable for various industrial applications and use in monitors, for repair and repair in case of defects on the display. Even deep scratches or dirt can make a monitor quickly unusable, so the replacement of the display can be quite worthwhile.

Equipped with modern LED backlighting, the LG Philips LCD LM240WU5 (SL) (A4) can operate power saving and ensures a balanced energy efficiency. In addition, especially black levels are better displayed on the screen. A pure black is produced, for example. Just the fact that the corresponding point is not illuminated.

On the 24-inch LG Philips LCD Display LM240WU5 (SL) (A4) to a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels can be represented. This is done by the name WUXGA (Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array) and provides a display in Full HD. Unlike the conventional 1080p but are 120 lines longer exists, that pay off, especially for large screens.

Thanks to the matt surface occur at LG Philips LCD Display less reflections and other parasitics on LM240WU5 (SL) (A4) , as in reflective display. If you want to use this screen for your system, you pay attention to the compatibility. Depending on the intended use for this are various ways such as, service information from the manufacturer to the monitor or the system, what the display is to be connected.
ManufacturerLG Philips
Resolution1920 x 1200 - WUXGA
Delivery Content1x LM240WU5(SL)(A4) display, additional accessories not included


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