The company LG Electronics was...
The company LG Electronics was established in 1958, then founded under the name Goldstar, and since then has products for various areas of daily life and industry.

With the desire was to facilitate the tasks of everyday life, the electronics company to introduce many new products, and apply new technologies. Worldwide, LG Electronics over 114 offices with a total of about 90,000 employees. In addition to consumer electronics, ITProdukten, mobile phones and household appliances, systems for the automotive industry, air conditioners, lamps and solar systems are developed and manufactured by the company.

Current Products

Business Projector

This projector can be selected on the basis of given requirements perfectly. So you can choose between different levels of brightness (expressed in lumens) and select resolutions. The HDMI connector is part of its standard. However, models with built-in LAN port are available. Additional functions such as the Intel Wi-Di technology, they also make for the perfect connectivity in the conference room, classroom or demonstration facilities. Thanks to this technique it is possible the smartphone, tablet or other devices to connect wirelessly to the projector to display the contents of the screen on the canvas. In addition, you also get projectors for mobile use or your home theater with the latest LED technology.


The monitors from LG, with a diameter of 48.26cm (19 inches) to 76,2cm (30 inches), adapted to the needs of office and multimedia users. Depending on the model equipped with an IPS panel, these devices offer a better representation and transitions of colors. In addition, the devices consume with Super Energy Saving Technology up to 30% less power, without any loss of quality. Additional extras such as a read-only mode or the Cinema Screen (very thin margins) complete the best possible monitor whether looking for work or to movies. Find out for yourself and see the same in our range of refurbished monitors to find suitable model and benefit from the quality.

Mobile devices of Series G

The Android Tablet G Pad 8.3, with a screen size of 21,08cm (8.3 inches), a FullHD IPS provides display and has, like the cutting-edge smartphone G2, a quad-core processor. Paired with a 2 GB large memory devices both offer enough power to run any applications quickly and efficiently. They also, of course, are also suitable as remote control for your TV. The smartphone G2 is also available in a mini version. If you prefer devices at an affordable price and no need high-end equipment, see the E and L series more interesting models, which also work with the Android operating system.

More products

The TV from LG are available with different screen techniques and offer numerous additional functions, so that someone can find the right model for every application. In particular, the models of SmartTV series are very popular due to their access to entertainment on the Internet. In the IT sector LG is also one of the leading manufacturers in the production of optical drives and sets here on a wide range of products to many customers as possible to address.
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