LAN (RJ-45)

The abbreviation LAN stands for Local Area Network and often means the Ethernet port for PC systems and notebooks. This is used for wired connection to a network, which sometimes offers some advantages over wireless connections. With us, you will find numerous systems that have this feature and have such a port.

Depending on the hardware, the LAN connection naturally supports different speeds. This is often, however, much higher than with WLAN technologies, whereby an advantage is already established. If large files are often to be transferred, a cable-connected connection to the respective network is significantly more profitable in order to keep the waiting times low.

Whether a notebook, PC or even a server, the LAN port is almost identical for all devices. The other end of the cable often leads to a switch that allows connection to other network devices. Other advantages include interference immunity. Kabellose technologies like WLAN can eventually be disturbed by other devices.

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