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Intel's Core i5 processors are the middle-class models of the Core i series, with this rather refers to the functions and not directly on performance. This series already solved the Core 2 family from 2008 and has since been continuously developed. You get a Core i5 processor, a powerful CPU that can handle even the most demanding tasks. Therefore, not only office applications, but also image processing, database applications, and much more are usually not a problem. For players, the handle can be worth a Core i5 CPU. With us you get not only used Core i5 CPUs, but the option of used computers that already have a Core i5 processor.

Information to the model number

In the four-digit model numbers, the first digit refers to the generation. If this is, it
other hand to a CPU of the first generation. Letters such as U, Y, S, or T also point to a lower TDP. With an M mobile processor is identified.

1. Generation Intel Core i5

The clock rates here are very similar to the Core i3 models and are a maximum of 3.33 Ghz. However, these processors feature called Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which gives them a distinct advantage. Because this allows the dynamic adjustment of capacity when there is a need for this. Otherwise, the power is reduced to reduce the power consumption. In addition, some quad-core CPUs are available, but who do not use Hyper-Threading, so logically come to only 4 cores.

2. Generation Intel Core i5

At the top models, such as the i5-2550K, here is a Turbo Frequency of 3.8 GHz is possible. Especially in comparison with the i3 versions but makes the round twice as large cache of 6 MB noticeable. However, the quad-core processors have still not Hyper-Threading and a graphics processor is not always integrated or activated. Establishments, these models in the LGA1155 socket.

3. Generation Intel Core i5

The Ivy Bridge microarchitecture can here in particular by a higher memory bandwidth, better power management, as well as a more powerful and consistent artwork available unit distinguished. This permits the operation of three independent monitors and supports common features such as HD displays and 3D technology. Furthermore, the new PCI Express version 3.0 is used, which provides a total of more data throughput in the system.

4. Generation Intel Core i5

With the new Haswell microarchitecture first increases the power consumption slightly, at least on paper. Because that gets the integrated GPU a significant upgrade and also on the system, some improvements were made. Therefore, it is not possible to continue to use cars with an Ivy Bridge motherboard model. To operate here, the LGA1150 socket is used. The notebook is also the new power-saving mode is noticeable, which makes for noticeably longer term and so helps some devices to more than 10 hours.

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