Installment Powered by PayPal

To give you the most flexible choice, you can choose between different payment options. This also includes the installment payment model PayPal, which you can customize to your needs.

How can I use the installment payment via PayPal?

Whether you want to buy a new PC for home, a used notebook for work or even a server, put as usual the desired items in the cart. In the payment process then select the item "Installment Powered by PayPal". Then you can decide how much you want to pay monthly or how many installments you want to pay. Then enter only your contact details, your bank details and your date of birth. Finally, PayPal checks the creditworthiness in a few moments and you receive a direct feedback on whether the installment payment is possible.

How do you pay the installments?

The individual installments are deducted monthly from your respective bank account. You will receive a message from PayPal at every paid rate so that you are always up to date. If you add the installment to your own PayPal account, you can always check the current status and, for example, control how many installments are still outstanding. However, it is not necessary to have a PayPal account.

When do I receive the ordered items?

If the installment payment has been approved by PayPal, you only have to confirm your purchase in our online shop. Then we can ship the goods directly and you can benefit faster from the products, although you pay later. At the same time you are automatically secured by the well-known PayPal buyer protection.

The advantages at a glance

With "Installment Powered by PayPal" you benefit from: a quick and easy application during the ordering process

  • a credit check in real time
  • the flexibly adaptable rates
  • PayPal Buyer Protection
  • a fast shipment of the goods

This is how easy PayPal works

1 Sign up for free with your email address and password.

2Add your bank accounts or credit cards to your PayPal account

3 Use the PayPal button for online shopping and pay simply, safely and conveniently.