• ankauf gebraucht Hardware bei noteboox.de

    Besitzen Sie gebrauchte Hardware und Komplettsysteme, die Sie nicht mehr benötigen? Haben Sie vielleicht kürzlich eine komplette Umstellung Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur durchgeführt und wissen nun nicht, was Sie am besten mit den bisher genutzten Geräten machen sollen? Dann können Sie sich vertrauensvoll an uns wenden. Wir kümmern uns um den vollständigen Ablauf und machen Ihnen ein Angebot für Ihre Computersysteme. Dabei garantieren wir stets einen schnellen, einfachen und unkomplizierten Ablauf.

  • data deletion noteboox.de

    Many think a simple formatting of the hard drive is enough already and no one can in the future to access the formerly existing data ever again. Unfortunately, no. A thorough data deletion can only be achieved by optimally experienced staff and exact orientation at predetermined guidelines. We guarantee this procedure. Noteboox.de has taken on the task so as to remove personal data and in-house data from the media that another access it in any way possible. Your data can then be restored impossible. If the disk is defective, we will submit it to a certified waste disposal company further, the shredding them and so does forever unusable. Our work here employees are subject to all the data secret.

  • Recycling and Disposal noteboox.de

    You want a return of your components and also to actively participate in environmental protection? We will give this request. By remarketing all still usable components to our customer network, we guarantee you maximum cash return. All not to be marketed components are supplied by us to the highest criteria of environmental protection disposal. This we guarantee you a safe and environmentally friendly disposal of these components.

  • Employee Sales noteboox.de

    You want to offer equipment from your company stock to its own employees for sale. No problem. We take all the work involved here. You determine which products will be offered to your employees to certain conditions. We do the rest. The units are revised by us for our expertise and then offered exclusively to your employees for purchase. Gladly it also wishes may be expressed, how the devices revised and by what standards they should be installed.

  • Audutierung noteboox.de
  • » AUDITING AND TEST / refurbishing

    Downloaded devices are with us undergo an extensive audit process and thoroughly tested. You will receive from us an extensive list audit and report on this process. There you will find all the relevant data listed, such as Manufacturer, serial numbers, configuration, model, optical condition, technical condition, date of examination. In addition, all units are neutralized during the audit process. Thus can not be tracked then how come the devices and no conclusion about the origin are closed. Of course, the approach can be tailored with us.

  • ROLL-OUT MANAGEMENT noteboox.de

    Through our world-class experience and our logistics service we help you to minimize the exchange times when replacing the enterprise level hardware. We assume on request also the assembly and disassembly of your entire IT landscape. Here, you can choose between three options:


  • Disassemble your IT equipment itself.

  • You assume the packaging of IT devices themselves.

  • The collection of devices is done by us or our logistics partner


  • Disassemble the IT equipment itself.

  • We provide packing and repacking equipment on site.

  • The collection of devices is done by us or our logistics partner


  • We dismantle the IT equipment for you

  • We provide packing and repacking equipment on site.

  • The collection of devices is done by us or our logistics partner

  • LOGISTICS / COLLECTING noteboox.de

    The first and most common damage to sensitive IT equipment incurred in shipping and transportation. Usually due to improper packaging. Our logistic partner has, in close cooperation with us the necessary know-how to ensure a proper transport of your goods. Any tools required such as insulating materials, cardboard boxes of all sizes, pallets and safety belts are available for the goods to be packed professionally locally and then transported.

  • Service Center noteboox.de

    Our qualified technicians and staff take care of in a carefully designed workflow to thorough review and revision of any device. We pay attention to both quality as well as speed. The long term experience of our staff ensures that these operations run smoothly. We look for flexible action and forward thinking, which guarantee in responding to individual customer needs in an optimal way. The devices have been run in our service center several steps. This begins with the neutralization of the devices. Following the deletion of data is done if necessary. About the auditing devices finally go in the shipment.

  • quality noteboox.de

    Ever-increasing competition. More and more new products. Ever more complex contexts. Remain constantly competitive. All these and other requirements applicable to today's business. The customer needs must not be forgotten, of course. So, just to have to say in the running competition all needs and requirements of customers are met. This we have set ourselves the goal. The customer is our focus. Regardless of the concerns you have. We are here for you. Trust us.