Lenovo 42T4644 - Laptop notebook Battery - 10.8V - 7800mAh - Original

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Lenovo 42T4644 - Laptop notebook Battery - 10.8V - 7800mAh - Original

Achieved Your Lenovo notebook no longer the usual battery life, but otherwise functions perfectly still, the investment in a new notebook battery may particularly worthwhile.

Condition: Brand new, factory sealed, unopened

Not available now!
Achieved Your Lenovo notebook no longer the usual battery life, but otherwise functions perfectly still, the investment in a new notebook battery may particularly worthwhile. This Lenovo 42T4644 Battery is still in the unopened original packaging and returns many compatible laptop manufacturer, the usual duration, so you can get back a long time remain mobile.

Since the Lenovo 42T4644 Battery Original comes from the manufacturer, you have to worry no diminished quality or incompatibilities. It also is the model with high capacity, which is why the 9-cell Lithium-Ion battery has a total capacity of 7800 mAh. Hours of surfing, working or playing, making it quick and easy possible again.

Of course, you can use the Lenovo 42T4644 notebook battery use with 7800 mAh as a replacement component for example. Always keep a charged battery ready to hand. With dimensions of 22.5 cm x 7.7 cm x 3.3 cm and a total weight of only 0.52 kg, it fits virtually in every notebook bag and can be carried easily.

A great advantage of the Lenovo 42T4644 original notebook batteries is the extensive model support. To help you keep track, we have listed all compatible notebooks in the table below, wherein, for example, use the ThinkPad R400, T400 and T61 is not a problem.
DescriptionLenovo laptop battery - Li-Ion - 7800 mAh
Device typelaptop battery
Dimensions (width x depth x height)22.5 cm x 7.7 cm x 3.3 cm
weight0.52 kg
Batteryhigh capacity - Lithium Ion 9-cell - 7800 mAh
Designed forIBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 2782-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 2783-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 2784-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 2786- xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 2787-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 2788-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 2789-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 7438-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 7439-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 7440-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 7443-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 7446-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 7447-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R61 7732, 7733, 7734, 7735-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 2764-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 2765-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 6473-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 6474-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 6475 -xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 1959-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 7658, 7659, 7660, 7661-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 7659-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 7661-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 7662, 7663, 7664, 7665-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 7664-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R400 7445-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R61 7736, 7737, 7738-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R61 7742, 7743, 7744-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - R61 7751 , 7753, 7754, 7755-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 2766-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 2767-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 2768-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 2769-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 2773-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 7417-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 7420-xxx < br=""> IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 7425-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T400 7434-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 6377, 6378, 6379-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 6378-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 6379-xxx
IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad - T61 6480, 6481-xxx
delivery1x battery, no other accessories included

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