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As part of Harman International Industries Incorporated, the manufacturer is a leading Company in HiFi. Founded in 1980 by its namesake Sidney Harman, is the Group now operates in two business segments. First, the Professional Group manages all Concerns of the industry and provides eg. Speaker systems for sports stadiums or airports ago. By contrast, the Consumer System Group is primarily responsible for the end-user products and Accordingly, mainly produces audio accessories, speakers and infotainment systems, and Computer accessories and video equipment. We offer you different cars from speakers Harman, which have already been overhauled under circumstances and in the private as well as in ensure business environment for an impressive sound experience.


Receiver and 3D Blu-Ray player

The AV receiver Harman Kardon offer extreme power and versatility, making them before all entertainment enthusiasts satisfy. Also obtained with the stereo components and CD systems an enhanced sound experience. Of course, home cinema fans will get their Costs, with the solutions of the manufacturer including 3D Blu-ray technology, Bluetooth, HDMI and more. Matching accessories such as adapters for streaming music from any Systems, Harman also leads in the range.


For speakers you think often of home theater systems, the Harman course has on offer. Likewise, but the manufacturer produces sound bars that are characterized by a space-saving design and still fill a room with sound. But also on the computer you can from the Sound quality benefit as Harman Kardon 2.0, 2.1 and Bluetooth PCLautsprecher manufactures.

Move can enjoy the music with the cordless models, which, of course, also suitable for home, simply to stay flexible in terms of the site. there Harman Kardon is limited but not just to individual loudspeakers, because complete speaker systems of several individual components are completely wireless available.


Will you even while traveling or simply at home for themselves enjoy his music, Harman Kardon offers appropriate on-ear, over-ear and in-ear headphones. However, the manufacturer provides not only the pure Sound performance in the foreground, but excited at the same time with a comfortable seating of Products. So find that perfect headphones that are comfortable even after extended wearing. Each model is complemented by an elegant and unique design.


Harman Kardon brings the sense of design and a pure sound experience right into your car. there naturally plays not only look and feel a major role, because the sound system must equally convincing in its functioning. Leading automakers such as BMW, Volvo and Mercedes Benz therefore belong to the partners of Harman. Even at the initial concept of a Vehicle, the optimal integration of the sound system is included to help you while driving anytime your music experience in fullest beauty.
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