HP 519329-001 - Power Supply - 18.5 V 3.5A 65W Original

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HP 519329-001 - Power Supply - 18.5 V 3.5A 65W Original

Stops working your notebook power adapter or even unreliable, replacement is often quickly needed because the device is no longer otherwise usable long.

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Stops working your notebook power adapter or even unreliable, replacement is often quickly needed because the device is no longer otherwise usable long. This HP Power Supply 519329-001 offers you the same quality as the previous because it is an original product. The new power supply we ship and power cord, so you can use it immediately.

To charge the battery and for the use of the laptop, provides the HP 519329-001 power supply an output power of 65 W. This is in this case of 18.5 V voltage and 3.35 A Current together. A short-circuit, overheat and overload protection, was also incorporated for your safety.

If the PSU is suitable for your notebook, you can use the HP Spare Part Number 463958-001 or Part Number 519329-001 to find out. We also have the compatible devices listed in the table for you where eg. Many devices the Pavilion DV4- and EliteBook series can be found. Of course, you can also check the manual of your notebook if the HP 519329-001 power supply is listed as compatible.

To use the HP Power Supply 519329-001 for a different system, you should make sure that your notebook is designed for the specified performance values. In addition, the connector size of 7.4 mm x 5.0 mm must match the port on your laptop in order to ensure proper functioning.
ModelPPP009L-E - PA 1650-32HN
P / N519329-001
HP Spare463958-001
usingNotebook / Laptop
Input100 - 240 V ~ 1.7 A 50 -60 Hz
Output18.5 V - 3.35A - 65W
Dimensions (L x W x H)108 mm x 45 mm x 30 mm
connector size7.4 x 5.0mm
overload, short circuit and overheatingyes
sealUL, CUL, TUV, CE, CCC, GOST-R, B Mark, NOM, NEMKO, PSB, S-Mark, S + Mark, GS, RCM, BSMI, EK Mark
EliteBook 2530p
EliteBook 2730p
EliteBook 6930p
EliteBook 8530p
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EliteBook 8730w
Mini 2140
Mini 5101
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Pavilion DV3000
Pavilion DV3500T
Pavilion dv4
Pavilion DV4-1000
Pavilion DV4-1020
Pavilion DV4-1028
Pavilion DV4-1120
Pavilion DV4-1123
Pavilion DV4-1125NR
Pavilion DV4-1144
Pavilion DV4-1220
Pavilion DV4-1227
Pavilion DV4-1228
Pavilion DV4-1280
Pavilion DV4-1281
Pavilion DV4-1300
Pavilion DV4-1322
Pavilion DV4-1365DX
Pavilion DV4-1400
Pavilion dv4t
Pavilion dv4t-1000
Pavilion dv4t-1100
Pavilion dv4t-1300
Pavilion dv4z
Pavilion dv4z-1000
Pavilion dv4z-1100
Pavilion dv5
Pavilion dv5-1000
Pavilion DV5-1000T
Pavilion DV5-1000Z
Pavilion DV5-1002
Pavilion DV5-1010
Pavilion dv5-1019tx
Pavilion DV5-1020
Pavilion DV5-1100Z
Pavilion DV5-1113
Pavilion DV5-1116
Pavilion DV5-1120
Pavilion DV5-1132
Pavilion DV5-1140
Pavilion DV5-1150
Pavilion DV5-1160
Pavilion DV5-1166
Pavilion dv5t
Pavilion dv5z
Pavilion dv5z-1000
Pavilion dv5z-1100
Pavilion DV6
Pavilion DV6-1000
Pavilion DV6-1001
Pavilion DV6-1030
Pavilion DV6-1038
Pavilion DV6-1050
Pavilion DV6-1053
Pavilion DV6T
Pavilion DV6T-1000
Pavilion dv7
Pavilion dv7-1000
Pavilion DV7-1001
Pavilion DV7-1002
Pavilion DV7-1003
Pavilion dv7-1014tx
Pavilion DV7-1020
Pavilion DV7-1130
Pavilion DV7-1134
Pavilion DV7-1137
Pavilion DV7-1150
Pavilion DV7-1170
Pavilion DV7-1247
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Pavilion DV7-1262
Pavilion DV7-1267
Pavilion DV7-1273
Pavilion DV7-1275
Pavilion DV7-1285
Pavilion DV7-1448
Pavilion DV7-1450
Pavilion DV7-1451
Pavilion DV7-2019
Pavilion DV7-2040
Pavilion DV7-2043
Pavilion DV7-2044
Pavilion DV7-2078
Pavilion DV7-2157
Pavilion DV7-2170
Pavilion DV7-2173
Pavilion DV7-2174
Pavilion DV7-2177
Pavilion DV7-2180
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Pavilion G50-106
Pavilion G50-108
Pavilion G50-109
Pavilion G50-111
Pavilion G50-112
Pavilion G50-114
Pavilion G50-118
Pavilion G50-123
Pavilion G50-124
Pavilion G50-126
Pavilion G60-100
Pavilion G60-117
Pavilion G60-120
Pavilion G60-123
Pavilion G60-125
Pavilion G60-127
Pavilion G60-219
Pavilion G60-230
Pavilion G60-233
Pavilion G60-234
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Pavilion G60-236
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Pavilion G70-467
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Pavilion G70T-100
Pavilion G70T-200
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Pavilion HDX16-1040
Pavilion HDX16-1044
Pavilion HDX16-1056
Pavilion HDX16-1140
Pavilion HDX16-1160
Pavilion HDX16-1180
Pavilion HDX16t-1000
Pavilion HDX16t-1100
Pavilion tx2000
Pavilion tx2100
ProBook 4310s
ProBook 4311s
ProBook 4510s
ProBook 4515s
ProBook 4710s
ProBook 5310m
delivery1x AC adapter, 1x power cable, additional accessories not included

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