Funkwerk AG was founded on 16 August 2000 and is a communications company headquartered in Kölleda (Thuringia). In the company's history several companies were taken over and again repelled. These include, for example, the Grundig Electronics (safety range of Grundig) and the BinTec Access Networks GmbH. The latter was part of Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH (like Doro and Artem), which has since been sold to Teldat group. The BinTec brand operating since 1 January 2014 under the name bintec elmeg GmbH. The current business segments of Funkwerk AG deal with the communication, control, information and security systems.

Current product lines

IP-based telephony

Funkwerk DP

In the compact VoIP telephone systems are modern communication centers for companies of any size. The stages of development ranging from 10 up to 1000 devices and offer features such as hot desking, central telephone books, live conferences and more. Operation in a private cloud, the networking of branches and the integration of mobile phones are no problem.

Funkwerk DC

The DECT controllers mean any time for full control of all connected DECTMobilteile. Regular maintenance can be realized easily by central monitoring. The DECT environments can also be provided to existing SIP or VoIP telephone systems. DECT over IP base stations are of course also in the assortment.

video management systems

posa / optisafe / JUPITER

With the management systems from Funkwerk get one free configurable system that you both in terms of hardware, as well as the software can customize. Whether HD broadcasts, event control, virtual patrols or alarm records in a logbook, you decide what you need. Through subsequent upgrades, functions easily and conveniently retrofitted to respond to new demands. Even existing cameras are not a problem because they can be when optisafe system through standardized interfaces are also integrated.

transmission technology

LE 86 - LE 100

These transmission systems are specifically designed for 2-wire and coaxial transmission of cameras. With a range of 650 m to 4.3 km as well as very long distances are inexpensive bridgeable.

VNS 100

For networking of IP cameras, these modules allow the use of outdoor and indoor use. Tamper protection, low network load with high image quality and characteristics are features of these models for the use of in professional security systems. In addition to the two proposed areas of course you also get a large number of different cameras and screens to match the systems. These include, for example, Fix Cameras for analog and digital transmissions, pan and tilt heads with high Rotational speed and dome cameras in protective housings from vandalism.

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