FUJIFILM celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014 and has become a well-known provider of photo and imaging products worldwide. The many years of experience can be seen in many places, as the manufacturer has also developed and launched various innovations. FUJIFILM is located in Japan, with other offices around the world. In Germany, for example, is the FUJIFILM Europe GmbH in Dusseldorf. More than 4,000 employees throughout Europe provide outstanding products, sales and support. Here you will find mainly used archiving systems and corresponding accessories from FUJIFILM, which is suitable for permanent data storage.

Product Portfolio

Recording Media

FUJIFILM is constantly setting new standards in this area. From high-performance data storage for big data applications, to solutions for film and television companies to support video production, to securing various company data, the manufacturer particularly convinces with its reliability.

The archiving solution is known, for example, under the name "Fujifilm Archive Services". This not only gives you a flexible and reliable system that supports a wide variety of formats and numerous backup applications. "Fujifilm Archive Services" also has a very high level of safety, which means that FUJIFILM meets even the highest requirements. Corresponding accessories are also available from the manufacturer, which includes the storage media.


Since FUJIFILM has always been very active in photography, the company produces various photo solutions and digital mini-labs. Especially in retail, these are used for a high quality print so your photos look exactly what you want them to be. The product range includes laser systems with integrated scanners and image processing functions, but also kiosk system solutions. The latter are practically photo terminals, so your customers can easily and quickly start printing photos.

Graphic Systems

Practical for every branch of industry and application, FUJIFILM has a suitable product. Starting with commercial offset printing and digital printing, the manufacturer also supports newspaper printing and the creation of very large-format products. Further, you get software solutions for efficient management, even in complex production environments. For industrial applications, FUJIFILM also manufactures individual inks and chemicals that deliver impressive print results.


Medical applications are another big area at FUJIFILM. The manufacturer develops various systems that are suitable, for example, for digital radiography, mammography and endoscopy. Likewise, the company is involved in laboratory diagnostics and naturally also produces the necessary consumables for this segment such as X-ray films and chemistry. For specialists and the corresponding areas of application, special solutions are also available.


Shacolla is an image collage that can be used multiple times thanks to FUJIFILM technology. The foam panels adhere to both sides, so you can attach your photos on one side and use the other for mounting on the wall. But it is always possible to remove the collage without residue and to use it again.

Other Products

FUJIFILM manufactures numerous devices for business and home users, which is why the aforementioned products are only a part. For example, the company is well-known for digital and system cameras, with which you can record every moment in impressive quality. In addition, instant cameras are available, as well as various accessories for analog photography. Similarly, FUJIFILM still has a wide range of photo and imaging solutions for the industry.

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