The company Focus Home Interactive SA is a publisher and developer of video games. Since its foundation in 1996, its headquarters have been in Paris, France. In 2015, the company was floated on the stock exchange, which further increased the value of the company. For games, Focus Home Interactive SA does not focus on individual consoles, but offers its own titles for all known platforms. You can therefore also obtain various video games from the developer from us. The Group was able to distinguish itself from the other major market leaders primarily through its focus on the mid-price segment.

Selection of games

Sherlock Holmes

There are now several video games about the novel hero Sherlock Holmes that were developed by Frogwares. Focus Home Interactive SA is the publisher of some of these titles, including "Sherlock Holmes: The Trail of the Awakened". Those who like point-and-click adventures will be particularly pleased about these games. Follow the individual stories and solve the tricky cases in cooperation with Dr. Watson, the protagonist's companion.

Warhammer 40,000

This is a tabletop game from Games Workshop, for which Focus Home Interactive SA publishes various video games. Among other things, the company distributes Blood Bowl, which is located in the Warhammer world and reminds of American Football. Therefore, a turn-based strategy game is combined with a sports simulation within the game. In online mode, you can also compete against human opponents and compete in leagues or tournaments.

Game of Thrones

The fantasy television series Game of Thrones has become very popular. For this reason, computer games were released, some of which are distributed by Focus Home Interactive SA. "Game of Thrones - The Song of Ice and Fire" is available for PC and game consoles and can be found in the role-playing genre. The story begins before the first book and ends together with it. As in the TV series, intrigues and betrayal are part of everyday life in the video game. For fans of the series, these titles are of course particularly worthwhile.

Agricultural Simulator

In the simulation games in this series, as the name suggests, you take on the role of a farmer and have to take care of all the needs of your farm. The games have become very popular and have even become the best-selling games in Germany and Switzerland. Focus Home Interactive SA as publisher takes over the distribution, the development takes place at Giants Software. Within the game you will also meet well-known brands such as Deutz-Fahr or Krone. Various mods also allow the video game to be adapted at different levels.


In Vampyre you follow the story of a vampire in twentieth century London. The action RPG was developed by DontNod and offers a dark atmosphere in which you can fully immerse yourself. Since the character has only just become a vampire, one task is to learn and master one's own skills. In addition, you must decide again and again which moral path you want to follow. Be careful, however, because the story changes with your actions. So find out how human a vampire can be. Translated with
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