Founded in 1948 by John Fluke, Fluke operates today as the world's leading provider of test equipment for network infrastructures. These are equally suitable for installation and troubleshooting, as well as for certification according to specific guidelines. Fluke Networks is headquartered in Everett, United States. However, the manufacturer still has other branches and employs more than 700 people worldwide. In addition, Fluke Networks is only part of Fluke Electronics Corporation. In our assortment you will find mostly used network testers from Fluke, which you can use for example to analyze and extend the network cabling in your company.

Product Portfolio

Certification of Cables

In this area, Fluke Networks offers products for a copper and fiber Certification, as well as for a Versiv cabling certification. Especially in companies, the network infrastructure is of great importance and must work flawlessly so that operation is possible without restrictions. Problems can quickly lead to wasted resources or even lost sales, so certification with Fluke's test equipment plays an important role. This allows you to control the functionality of a twisted-pair or fiber-optic cabling down to the smallest detail and detect possible defects at an early stage. Equally, of course, the products are aimed at installation and maintenance personnel, which is why various options have been integrated that provide the collection of test results and professional test reports.

Installation and Testing

In particular, service providers who provide cabling to customers receive a broad range of tools and test equipment from Fluke Networks. Starting with lay-up and assembly tools, copper cable testers and tone generators to fault locating devices, everything is represented. With these you make sure already with the wiring that all necessary standards were met and the cables work in the end as desired. In addition, the devices simplify later maintenance enormously and help to find existing errors faster. In particular, the fiber optic cabling is very sensitive to soiling, so Fluke Networks also provides you with suitable cleaning tools.

Telecommunications Tests

In addition to network cabling, many companies have separate cabling for telecommunications. It is also necessary to maintain this and, if necessary, expand accordingly. That's why Fluke Networks also manufactures phone test kits that contain everything needed for a detailed test. Fault locators, tone generators and packaging tools are also located in this product segment. So you get everything from one source and can do the job not only faster, but also better than before.

Other Solutions

Fluke Networks' offer goes beyond the products on offer, as the manufacturer also offers complete solutions aimed directly at architects and consultants, Contract workers and installers, as well as tailored to network engineers. Case studies prove their impact impressively and show that efficiency increases with the use of Fluke test equipment. So if you need professional tools to lay, test, and certify cabling, you've come to the right place with Fluke.

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