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Ergotron is a global manufacturer and in the manufacture of display fixtures Mobility products specializing. Therefore, already consisted of the name from the words Ergonomics and electronics. The founder, in 1982, created the company, Harry Sweere, in addition Initiator of the VESA FDMI standards. For three decades, the manufacturer improves Human interface with digital displays, which now appears in more than 70 patents. Each product is specifically oriented to the people so that the design not only looks good makes an impression, but also facilitates the daily work with the devices. We offer you different products by Ergotron, through its innovative concept, especially the satisfaction increase your employees.


Desk Mounts

Whatever the purpose, and which table you need a monitor arm, Ergotron has sure right parts to offer. In addition to simple arms for table mounting of an LCD screen, also particularly flexible models are available. These allow the perfect positioning the monitor to work comfortably and conveniently. In addition, some products with a further support for the computer equipped with Ergotron course for notebooks matching feet holds.

Wall Solutions

If the assembly is to take place directly on the wall, please contact Ergotron suitable Mounting options for monitors, All-In-One computers and televisions. Since each product for different uses has been designed, you can, of course, according to your select requirements. If the screen in retrospect be height adjustable, or would you have the best possible positioning, which can be changed in the short term, this is not a problem. Even for Input devices such as mouse and keyboard, matching products are available. If you have a want complete solution that provides StyleView series also sit-stand workstations as Complete package.


With the WorkFit-products, you can transform any surface into an ergonomic workplace, whether to stand or sit. The individual settings, while allowing perfect adaptation to the respective users. Of course, modern IT equipment are with more than one monitor supported equally. Furthermore fall also height adjustable Writing in this category, which thanks to the different design in almost every office and any work environment fit. The lockable housing Ergotron protect also sensitive data and ensure compliance with privacy requirements.

charging systems

Whether tablet or notebook, the charging systems Ergotron meet the needs of Facilities that are required to keep in one place many devices. In addition to wall mounts are this of course also available as mobile loading wagons. To transport your notebook Tablets and safely from one place to another. Schools are only one area in which the can pay off charging systems to protect the large investments adequately.


Need a solution for mobile workstations, please contact Ergotron equal with different Product lines available. The different carts are equipped eg. On shelves for Notebooks, Mounts for screens or simple drawers to store other Objects. Full desktop PCs can also be accommodated on one of the carriages, so this as only possible as mobile, yet still offer a comprehensive ergonomics.

multi-screen solutions

Especially in today's time put many on the operation of multiple screens on a PC to so always keep even more content in mind. Ergotron provides to the appropriate monitor stand, to all connected display align perfectly. Up to four screens can be so easy to a workstation install.
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