Environmental Protection at noteboox.de

We appreciate your visit to our website and hope that we can inspire you for our products. Below we would like to introduce our company philosophy in terms of the environment:

The team of noteboox.de believes that everyone has to make its contribution to environmental protection. Whether large or small contributions from individuals or whole groups, the main thing everyone helps with the world a greener and healthier and to maintain. Because we only have one world and contribute for our actions and dealing with this full responsibility. Therefore we are particularly pleased if you are interested in our refurbished products or even decide it.

This will take active part in environmental protection, because no new device has to be produced by purchasing a remanufactured product. Thus, power (energy), water and partly scarce raw materials can be saved. The factories pollute less and garbage and get one from us proved, purified, fully-featured device at a fair price and can soothe your conscience because you actively helped reduce the production of waste on our planet.

The sad truth is that many still perfectly functioning products end up on the trash heaps. In many cases only because we suggest promotional companies through targeted marketing to need to have a better and newer products. Although this used equipment often are still perfectly fine. Must cellphones example really are renewed each year? Or it is not enough for the next few years? Many will agree and yet many almost new, fully functional devices are well on the way to scrapping. Therefore, we work with a lot of diligence it to revise these units and pass it on to you the customer. Share this philosophy with us and sharpen the spirit of your friends in this regard. Make the world shows that a used machine usually quite sufficient to meet the needs. Life before this philosophy. Help us to make the world cleaner and to obtain a secure and livable future for our children.

Except for our refurbished (Refurbished) hardware we pay additionally in normal everyday business on the environment and are constantly trying to improve something. An excerpt of the important points that come into our company applied:

  • The seat of our company is located in the Solar Park Dinkelscherben. Also located on the main building solar cells with which green electricity is generated. Our complete electronics running thanks to the current generated by the solar cells.
  • In our company come exclusively electric forklifts are used to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the emission of pollutants.
  • The delivered goods to us is assumed in the largest possible orders, so that the trucks can be used optimally and unnecessary second or third call outs are needed. Thus we avoid unnecessary traffic on our roads and the associated pollution.
  • The collection of customer orders place by a pick-up company once held on the day. We thus avoid also unnecessary traffic and goods are marketed only in extreme emergencies even by our staff to the post office.
  • Our employees are also instructed to look at the packaging and shipping of our products to the recycling and reuse of cardboard boxes and packaging materials.
  • are located on the jobs of our employees exclusively environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment, the complete of our employees to use be switched off to avoid unnecessary power consumption. At the workstations also are disconnectable Headers, all at the end of the working day are switched off, so that no unnecessary standby power consumption arises.
  • Our warehouse has large windows so much to work with daylight can, which is thereby optimally utilized.
  • All applicable in our waste and no longer functional products are disposed of several professional Entsorgungsbetriebe professionally and recycled.
  • trips with our company car are reduced to the bare minimum. Moreover, it was the Fleet now switched to environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • For short trips to nearby Dinkelscherben available to our employees in the Summer either a small scooter or a bicycle.

What can everyone do for the environment?
Aside from the previously mentioned points, there are of course many other ways to to respect the environment. So absolutely, the following should be noted:

EEE, like smart phones, laptops and personal computers available to us may, under no circumstances be disposed of with household waste. This can be noted necessarily the municipal Collection points, which allow a free discharge of waste electrical equipment.

You can print or save this document by using the customary functions of your Internet services program (browser: usually "File" -> "Save As") use. To read then need the free program Adobe Reader (at www.adobe.de).

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