With E-ATX (short for Extended ATX) is called a form factor, which was established in 1996. He is very much related to ATX and shares many features with this one. However, especially the dimensions of the motherboard are larger and are 330 mm x 305 mm. Therefore, for example, pay attention to the purchase of housings on a corresponding compatibility.

E-ATX is particularly common in servers, as the larger area can be used to accommodate, for example, a second processor. One of the advantages of the standard, as with ATX, is the integration of the connections on the motherboard and the switching on / off of the power supply via an internal control voltage.

In addition, the other essential features of the E-ATX format are identical to ATX. It can therefore be that a case supports both standards at the same time and can be equipped with appropriate motherboards and power supplies. If you want to assemble your server or a workstation yourself, E-ATX is perfect.

In our assortment you will find not only hardware components according to the E-ATX format but also complete systems that comply with this standard. This may be e.g. to trade used servers in a tower case. Of course, you can still provide these after receiving them according to your requirements.

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