Delta Energy Systems GmbH was founded in 1971 and is now the market leader in the field of custom and standard power supplies. These are used worldwide in the computer industry, telecommunications, medical technology and renewable energies used. The production and distribution facilities of the parent Delta group are, for example, in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Mexico, India, and of course in Europe. We provide mainly high-quality computer power supplies from Delta Energy Systems. These can be, for example, renew or upgrade server used. The used power supplies are a good choice as they are inexpensive, but completely free of errors.

Product Overview

ATX Power Supplies

The standard ATX power supplies, you can use virtually every PC that uses this format. These include a lot of self-assembled computer, on the other hand complete ready-made systems of all popular manufacturers. You should just make sure that your computer or the motherboard does not use proprietary connectors. Otherwise, you can select the appropriate power supply depending on performance and existing connections. Thus, these are suitable both for the construction of a new system, as well as the replacement of a defective power supply in your previously used computer.

Manufacturer-specific power supplies

Delta Energy Systems manufactures also, inter alia, Fujitsu and HP special power supplies. They can often only be used in certain models, because you have a special connection or a certain shape. Pay attention here, so be sure to label in the product description. These power supplies are used, for example, for redundant power supply in servers and workstations in order to run this in a module defect can continue. If you can not even find the right model or are not sure whether the selected power supply suitable for your system, please contact us directly.

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